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Why, just why, in the name of all that is fruit flavoured, would you put an .app inside an installer, inside a .dmg.

All that achieves is wasting time as I have to dig through using Suspicious Package, export the bits I need and re-package the damn thing as a .pkg file to then deploy.


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We need your help with the server bills♥️ Only if you CAN please think about supporting us😺

We do not serve ads, track or sell your data. Every little bits helps a lot 🙌🏻
BTC: 154MK3JjgSu9n65xGtvrsmbbznANou86sN

Thank you♥️♥️

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The content of your messages is probably private, but what about the context?

Information about when, who and how often you're messaging can still paint a clear picture.

That's why Session onion-routes your messages — and we're the only private messenger that does.


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OK, it's been 'submitted for review' to Apple Podcasts.

That experience pissed me off so much, I've relegated everything other than SoundCloud and RSS to the bottom of our page about the podcast:

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on the desktop: awesome accomplishment or fool's errand?

After more or less daily driving it for two weeks, I can safely say that it's possible to run it as a desktop OS... but is it straightforward?

This is post 16 on my project.

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Ok, guys, let's see what are you up to.

Given the following options, coding in what language would you like to spend a day?

P.S.: You know how it works -- boost to get a better results.

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Linux Magazine is publishing my Loki article! So proud to have something printed on paper, along with great FOSS ambassadors like maddog

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I know I'm gonna get some flack for this, but oh well!

Is unstable? I don't actually think so...

With all this chatter about Freenode and, it made me realise I haven't used IRC in many, many years!

Any interest in a channel?

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What are your reasons for leaving #GitHub?
Do you know any blog articles for enlightening users?
Do you move to #Codeberg, another #Gitea instance or somewhere else?

I have no idea how he even gets up there. As for getting down...

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You can subscribe to Mastodon accounts via RSS if you prefer.

Just add .rss to the end of an account's URL, for example

If you're unsure how to get an account's URL, just go to the account's profile page and click on their picture. This will open their public profile page, and the address of this page is the account's URL.

#Mastodon #MastoTips #FediTips #RSS

I keep dipping in and out while I make a slow return to the Fosstodon community, but with this visit, I come bearing a mind dump for you all:

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Feels good to remove Google Pay from my mobile device. I only used it for loyalty cards, and I found a lovely replacement, Catima, that is available on @fdroidorg.

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Hey guys, just a little update: this still hasn't changed.

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"Companies that sell consumer electronics such as refrigerators, washers, hairdryers, or TVs in the European Union - and in the UK - will need to ensure those goods can be repaired for up to 10 years."

UK has to follow the same manufacturing rules since it continues to trade with the EU

It only covers appliances, but it's a step in the right direction

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