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I like electronics, but don't really have a clue about and typical problems. Does anybody have any ideas?

I bought a cheap second-hand for fun (or electronical parts). However, it doesn't really work, which was kind of to be expected.

One or two oft the motors or rotor blades does not seem to work properly, and hence the drone does not fly. From observation I would say that the blades are not rotating fast enough or reliably when they should.

The person was asking for guidance, and he dumped his mightier than thou ego on them.

It's a disgusting attitude to take towards someone trying to better themselves.

Maybe they won't be the next best thing, but you don't know that until you've provided that person the opportunity.


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Listening to Flutter Podcast on my run this morning:

I rarely go for personal attacks (If you have nothing nice to say, etc.), but holy moly, Randal Schwartz sounds like a complete and utter obnoxious, up himself tool.

Towards the end of the episode, he described how someone had asked a question on one of the many things he responds to every day.

His response, slightly paraphrased "if you weren't doing it from 10 years old, you're never going to be good enough".

@fuzzypuck Hey! Thanks for the follow and welcome to Mastodon 🎉!

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Dear fediverse, is there a twitter and mastodon client on linux which works for both with multi account support? Boosts are appreciated! Thanks!

I've just discovered - an open source translation API which can be self-hosted.

That's another one on the list of things to spin up when I get some time!

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Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2021-02-05
This week finally brought the release of macOS Big Sur 11.2. Lots of interesting information, as usual gathered together by Mr. Macintosh and Howard Oakley.

In other news, I am nearly done with the new book "macOS Terminal and Shell." The publication date has been set to February 12, 2021. (next Friday) You can pre-order now and get the benefit of the introductory

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#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @kaidan - XMPP app for Linux, part of the KDE project

🌟 @samuelpepys - Real time toots of an Englishman's diary from 1660-1669

🌟 @xzyolotl - Artist who does colourful intricate 2D drawings and 3D renderings of surreal monsters

🌟 @NGIZero - Provides money to internet projects that promote privacy and open standards

🌟 @simpletools - Showcasing lightweight, simple, easy to use FOSS apps

🌟 @ownclouders - FOSS file storage platform

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Hey, it starts tomorrow as a great get-together of enthusiasts. Join online and celebrate borderless innovation and dedication.

event, Sunday 1400CET

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The only thing more decentralised than Session is our userbase.

We're proud to have a truly global community. The only continent in the world where people don't use Session is Antarctica.

... We think. 🤔

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We are still urgently looking for some more volunteers for the hosting task, If you intend to watch a specific talk and the Q&A you can help out!

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What platform would you recommend me to post articles? In the style of a personal journal about my career path. Seems that Medium is pretty popular 🤔

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Interesting question I saw on Reddit today: How many passwords do you actually remember as opposed to storing in your PWmanager? I think I count 3 for myself, along with various other PINs I'd rather be rid of.

Oh yes, hello 17:00, where have you been all my life!

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