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I'm quite disappointed with how things are going in the EU right now.

After the important GDPR, we're seeing more and more attacks on , and thus .

Prime examples are from :

The ruling of the Court of Cologne against @Tutanota, which completely contradicts EU jurisdiction ;

and the general obligation from August, to show the person's fingerprint on their ID !

Hope is scarce.

With 2020 and my rest week over, it's time to get ready to run again in 2021, and here's my rough plan:

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Dear #Mozilla, I fully agree with your message and this is why I am not giving you my money anymore. Because you are not the #Internet and I really don't like how you started speaking of yourself as such.

You make a browser. This is great. Diversity among browsers is essential and indeed keeps the Internet alive and humane. However instead of concentrating on this very important mission you are uniquely positioned to perform you changed your focus to populism while your top management pay figures go into seven digits. This I don't like as well. #Firefox needs love and attention but instead you cut developers and engage into distracting nonsense no one asked you for. You even managed to break Firefox Mobile. After your redesign it is just shadow or what it used to be.

Instead I am giving to someone else. It is David Morley who runs - my first Diaspora pod. It is the Dr.Quadragon who runs one of the largest Russian Mastodon instances. It is Funkwhale, great free music sharing and streaming platform. It is Phillip Kulin who runs Russian Internet Censorship Registry Watch. I am not giving much but I hope this trickle helps to fuel real life of the Internet - people who create and support things.

I used to give you, Mozilla, but I am becoming more and more disappointed lately. Sorry. And again when salaries of your execs are described with words "instant inter-generational wealth" it seems to me you can do fine without my $5.

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Being on Mastodon (Fosstodon, actually) and Twitter at the same time, I noticed that communications between humans are healthier, kinder and more empathetic that the ones on the white bird on blue background website. What do you think? And why, if you agree with my point, is it? What are the ingredients to a healthy community? Is it something Fosstodon-only or it is a recurring pattern on Mastodon instances?

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or in my case: Bah Humbug to the lot of you.

Seriously though, I've started talking to some incredible people on here over the past (some?) months, and for that I'm truly grateful.

I hope you and your family's enjoy this time the best you can. I'm making the most of it by now turning off all communication devices for a few days... Utter bliss.

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By the way, if you are looking for a last-minute present for your loved ones you can get a digital gift card in my shop 🎁 ☃️
#art #illustration

Today was the final day at work until the 4th of January. Oh, yeah baby.

16 glorious days of freedom! To mark this fabulous occasion, Teams has been uninstalled from my phone and the email account removed from my mail app. Something I do every break I have.

Let the holiday period begin.

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Deleted Twitter, Horay!

Although sad I lost a decent Game Dev crowd, anyone know any Game Devs on here?

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#FollowFriday / #FF recap of this week's recommended follows:

🌟 @postmarketOS - Version of Linux for smartphones based on the Alpine Linux distro, supports the PinePhone

🌟 @ehashman - Lots of food and drink ideas, pictures of food (includes meat dishes)

🌟 @onotch - Award-winning landscape/cityscape photographer from Japan

🌟 @emojibot - Randomly generated new emojis (posts every few hours)

🌟 @amogurumi - Cute amigurumi crochet figures

🌟 @hexdsl - Video blog about Linux, gaming and tech

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My daughter's OnePlus One running LineageOS has just died.

If you've got a spare OnePlus device* you would sell to me for <£100 to arrive (UK) before Christmas, let me know!

*not OnePlus X

Went to plug a USB in to my new MacBook. Looked at the connector, looked at the Mac ... for f**ks sake. USB-C only and my Belkin only has 2 USB-A ports.


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Hello, Fediverse! We're Mullvad VPN, a provider that believes that you have a right to privacy.

#introductions #introductions #privacy #vpn #newhere

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Amôgurumi creates cute crochet amigurumi figures, you can follow at:

➡️ @amogurumi

It's quite a new account so the posts may not yet be visible on your instance. If you want to see them all, go to

#Amôgurumi #Amogurumi #Amigurumi #Crochet #Art #Crocheted #Figures #Crafts #Crafting #Craft #Cute

After a little over an hour and a half, I finally got this damn thing in to DFU mode, so I can re-install macOS...

What a fucking nightmare. If our users ever need to reset these devices, they're screwed.

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Trying to restore a FileVaulted M1 mac back to nothing... This thing is about to get fecking frisbee'd.

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Plasma Mobile news for Nov./Dec.: Across the board improvements to notifications and apps, a theme that increases speed while reducing RAM usage, chat with the NeoChat app and surf the web with a stabler Angelfish that includes a new ad-blocker.

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Thankfully, my old laptop, about 10 year old, reset about 8 times, died 2 weeks ago so I have finally purchased a new computer. A Raspberry Pi 4, Model B, 8 GB. It will be shipped soon and I am looking forward to start playing around. Later I will buy more of them to set up different servers for my different projects

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