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Hello there programmers! Can you recommend some programming languages for a beginner besides Python and Ruby? Because I already know about those I'll look into them.

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I am loving this Halloween theme on Roku. The orange against the purple/blue background is amazing.

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Show me an IT person that says they like supporting printers and I'll show you a LIAR.

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Get it while it's fresh! This Week in Matrix is out now! Big Conduit news, lots of server updates, plus bridges, Gitter, loads of clients, and a new social network being built on matrix! #decentralisation #twim #matrix

I'm going to try and do a little here, and I really liked the way @minkiu added a bit about each person, so here we go:

@kev / @mike - The Admins behind

@sylvia_ritter - You may recognise some of the artwork if you're an Ubuntu fan ;)

@dajbelshaw - A friendly chap with some interesting blogs to follow

@keyoxide - An alternative to Keybase to establish your online identity


If you'd like to participate, give @FollowFriday a follow!

@alcinnz Interesting, I'd not heard of Odysseus.

I'm actually in the process of writing up a blog post about Webkit based browser options on Linux.

Going to see if I can get it up and running on OpenSUSE over the weekend and give it a bash!

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It didn't pick up much steam last week's (as in no one else did it) but I have more #followfriday recommendations for you all:

@unfa an open-source/Linux exclusive music producer and graphics designer.

@Gynux an illustrator.

@alcinnz a browser developer.

@unflocked a game developer.

@brandkopf an illustrator.

@gray a platform agnostic sysadmin.

If you want me to remove you from the toot please let me know, and sorry in advance.

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I saw a toot about someone's blog post telling how they moved from #ubuntu to #debian as it is less "corporate"

In the federated timeline

I lost it

Could anyone here point me to that ?

I'd be interested in reading it

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IKEv2 Always On VPN + macOS troubleshooting is killing me.

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Looking for a cheap cloud object storage for backing up files that don't change often and that I will only retrieve in case of disaster recovery but where retrieval won't ruin me. Backblaze B2 charges 0.005 $/(GB month) for storage and 0.01 $/GB for data retrieval and works with duplicity. Seems like the best deal so far. Any better suggestions?

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I can't help but feel like this is what modern programs, written in languages like or or are, while watching the download of huge volumes of dependencies at build time.

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Great to see reach version 1, congrats! 🙂 [ We are working on a different use case to them and have already been looking into how data exchange & would work ]

Well here it is, my long form rant on why I'll never recommend another Polar product in the future:

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After waiting (and chasing) for a response from Polar since the 10th (when I originally opened my support request), I have finally received the most non-answer ever. They should be politicians.

I cannot, and will not continue to recommend Polar as an option to anyone looking for fitness related hardware.

After almost 9 years, I'm done. They've changed too much and no longer give a flying one about their customers.


It's a Pop!_OS tootocalypse in my feeds this afternoon!

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This is a good write-up of the #youtubedl situation that should be accessible to non-techies:

If you need something to link your friends, family, or political representative to so that they can understand how absolutely preposterous and harmful the youtube-dl takedown is, this is a good link to have at hand.

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