@mstrkapowski @Eichi Aww, that’s a shame. Still, makes it more special when you get that time to yourself!

@kev I started playing with the idea of this again recently after having something called Publii pop up in my news feed.

It was a pain in the backside. I've got a post pending in the drafts about it … along with many others!

There's a reason I wrote this blog.grayw.co.uk/a-static-u-tu back in 2020 (wow).

If you're missing something, so am I.

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Static Site Generators () are really simple to use, right?

Nah, I don't think they are and we should stop spreading this misinformation.


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I've been revisiting the web analytics rabbit hole, a years after removing analytics from my site...


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Come to think of it, I want to be better than . And therefore, so should the apps. What if @Tusky and @fedilab@toot.fedilab.app had anti-addictive behavior features like optional pagination: people could turn it on, decide to read one or two pages and then go to sleep for example. Endless scrolling makes this difficult and fuels addiction.

@yarmo I've been on iOS a while now (miss @Tusky so much). But I honestly thought this was already in the preferences. Maybe I've confused it with another app.


@dajbelshaw I don't think I've ever cringed so much in my life. "Them's the breaks". Pillock.

@deightonrobbie Thanks for that. I'd have no idea - I am completely numerically dyslexic :)!

@pseudoramble that’s good to hear! Unfortunately, we’ve just never seen eye to eye 😁.

Don’t get me wrong, Canonical does incredible work, and I’m glad it’s there as an option. But, I’ve always found it to be incredibly unpredictable, despite following guides/docs to the letter.

Thank goodness for @opensuse

This particular service only has official support on Ubuntu or Windows Server, and, well, yeah…

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@sotolf Hah! Hello fellow drunk walrus! 😁

She was doing alright until it got the hip thrust and rotation while in a plié squat. At that point, she lost it and almost slid off the chair.

I can't blame her. It must have been a hell of a sight. Thank goodness I wasn't wearing my frilly pink tutu.

@sotolf Yeah, it's a combination of ballet style movements, combined with elements of pilates and yoga.


As a small experiment to see if it has any effect on my stability and endurance during running, I completed my first Barre session.

I'm not sure how long this experiment will last. From the tears rolling down my partner's face (which could only be seen once she was no longer doubled up laughing hysterically), I can only assume she was far more entertained than me.

Apparently, the look of confusion on my face grew with every move, as I attempted to contort myself.

Helped someone else with an update: "Oh, that went really smooth, I'll do mine now".

F$%k you, Ubuntu server.

Rapidly reminded myself why I don't do in-place upgrades.

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