@nurinoas no problem! Sorry it wasn't more in depth. Let me know if you have any questions and i'll do my best to answer them 🙂.

@nurinoas Hey! I'm still running the Nickel plan from element.io.

I considered spinning up my own server but by weighing out the hassle and possible future storage implications, I thought the price balance was about right. I need to write it up actually. In fact, there are many articles I had on the go and never got around to finishing.


@kev brace yourself. Flurry of requests rapidly approaching ;)

@cooper @mike @jordan31

@Gina Very true! That is one seriously cute kitty though.

@basil If you wrote all the recent events as a book, it would probably be called the most unbelievable work of fiction ever created.

@Gina They are always so, so helpful when trying to get work done.

@brandon Hah! :) The mouse does take a couple of weeks to get used to but, it works wonders over the months.

@brandon Did you go for the "Sculpt Ergonomic" stuff? I've been using it for years and I love it.

@dajbelshaw sounds ideal! Haven't seen Spooks in ages. Really must add it to the re-watch list.

@nathand @thewk was just replying but got a call 🙄.

Today I've been up to my elbows in Azure App Proxy, Intune, Exchange and some DLP stuff.

How in the hell is one person supposed to know all this? It's HUGE.

The vast size of M365 is melting my brains today.

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@sexybiggetje F-Droid is indeed not a professional product but is and always has been an understaffed and underfunded volunteer project. So yes, there is indeed much room for improvement.

Inane personal fact 

@mike @Gina That cannot be healthy 😄

@yarmo Product wise, cachethq.io/ could be what you're looking for.

They don't offer a hosted service though.


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Shameless Shilling 

Weekly reminder that My security company is open to assist with any security needs you or your company may require.

We do blue team and red team work, staff augmentation, and consulting.

Clients all over the world, and of many different sizes.

To paraphrase Firefly, You got a job, we can do it. Don't care much what it is... unless you are ethically or morally corrupt... then we may turn you away.

We were founded on serving clients that weren't evil... We still do.

@celia Firefox, the only true browser!

Welcome back to the party 🎉.

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Seeing as I wrote about mov­ing to , , and then back to Vivaldi, it’s only fair I write about my story be­hind the move back to .


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