@dajbelshaw Very much so! It's interesting how each person views different forms of exercise 😁

@dajbelshaw Nobody should look forward to doing pull-ups 😁

Learning German [150 Days] 

@rudolf After a quick practice, I now know how utterly terrible I am at that part, lol.


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Feels good to remove Google Pay from my mobile device. I only used it for loyalty cards, and I found a lovely replacement, Catima, that is available on @fdroidorg.


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Hey guys, just a little update: this still hasn't changed.

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@nathand True. However, when it comes to businesses that may have a foot in multiple countries, and might be relying on Rosetta for their workflow after replacing some older devices, it's certainly a headache.

@brandon I suppose it really depends on what you're waving goodbye with.

@oscarhall Pointless just for fun response -

Because you should have gone Plasma :).

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I open a web browser on Mac and what do I see... a sticky notification.

#Microsoft and #Windows gets a lot of grief for pushing #Edge but nobody gives a fuck when #Apple do the same with #Safari.

@matt macOS can be a hard sell, notification nightmare!

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"Companies that sell consumer electronics such as refrigerators, washers, hairdryers, or TVs in the European Union - and in the UK - will need to ensure those goods can be repaired for up to 10 years."

UK has to follow the same manufacturing rules since it continues to trade with the EU

It only covers appliances, but it's a step in the right direction


With a bit of leave from work over, and a truly shitty period out of the way, I'm back baby! I come bearing more words of waffle too.


@Wetrix Remove all negative influences and people from your life. They're not worth the stress and upset it can cause.

Unless it's family. Unfortunately you can't choose them, and sometimes they require a "little" more tolerance.

Hang on in there :).

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New features in LibreOffice 7.1 - this video has subtitle translations in 17 languages, thanks to our awesome localisation volunteers! Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, French, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Kurdish, Polish, Portuguese (BR), Slovenian, Spanish, Ukrainian, Welsh: youtube.com/watch?v=PLutwM8XKv

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