The time has finally arrived my @fosstodon friends. Here is the final day of - Day 100:

Moments of stress, excitement and terror have been experienced. And it's all your fault @kev

Thank you so much to EVERYONE who has read, responded and been damn awesome about the crap that has been written. I couldn't have wished to be part of a better community.

Today I get on my old man sysadmin grump train and initially ponder the point of Kata Containers (without testing yet).

Very little time so just threw some words at a page to see what stuck for

Here's day 96:

Inspiration is all the fault of @freddy , so blame them 😜.

With the closing posts of rapidly approaching I start looking towards my next .

This is post 94 where I explore one those options:

As some of you are aware, I contemplated switching to a static site yesterday. That thought has been slung from the window at a rapid rate. Here's my completely unqualified rant:

Thank you to everyone who took the time to send me their thoughts and suggestions.

Today for I consider the possibility of static site generators instead of

What are your thoughts, suggestions, warnings?

Should services still email you after you have opted to delete your account?

I have a short rant for my post for today:

On today's episode of utter waffle I have a minor rant about "Smart" TV's and it's all @popey and The New Show's fault.

Keeping those posts rolling with day 81 cleared.

Covered is (thanks to @bigpesh) and a negative initial impression of

I got a little carried away with today's so best of luck to those who feel like reading it!

It's a "little" brain dump about how I've done during -19 so far.

To all of my peeps, stay safe and hang on in there 👍!

What a long old day. I have today's post scheduled to post itself shortly and I've updated my post from yesterday as promised.

How has everyone else's day been?

Here's a bit of a mash-up post for today's

It covers a few topics. I revisit my thoughts on search in my blog thanks to @jbauer, I took a quick look @codeberg and also noticed that is making new moves for the desktop.

For today's I finally get around to getting back in place and try my first ever home grown blueberry.

Truly on the final stretch of now with day 72 done and dusted.

I discovered a short-coming of using Ghost for my blogging platform:

Just rolling on through another day of with a bit of a mash-up post today:

The latter half is the fault of @3rik

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