Away for a couple of days with work next week. Lunch is prepped! makes life so easy.

I think this accurately represents today's sentiment.

Had another "We're upping our prices" email from Netflix today.

That's it, you've crossed £10/month... This 10 year relationship is over.

And they wonder why piracy continues. It's rather simple. Greed.

Oh, and the gas increase has now arrived as expected.

The two together is just obscene. I need a pay rise just to survive at this point.

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He arrived already! My Carbot Animations collection is growing. Yes, my inner child is being let loose.

Spent a few afternoons this week doing something I haven’t done for over 20 years. Almost done with my first one. Still some work to do on the blue. Paint is a bit thin in places.

A picture from my walk this morning. Thought others may enjoy the view.

Occasionally treat myself to a choccy bar with lunch. Thought the bar felt smaller and lighter. This marginal shrinking of every single product really pisses me off. I want those precious grams back!

It's been about a month since everything got planted out in the garden, so here's a then and now comparison!

Apparently it's time for me to stop work for the day.

#running #pr 

Managed to finally break the 5:45 min/mi this morning. My previous PR was 5:47. This morning was a 5:33 - A new PR!

The next target is to break the 5:30!

Raycast ( makes life so much easier every day. I wish it was FOSS.

I have no idea how he even gets up there. As for getting down...

Learning German 

Well, it's official. I've finally hit 100 days of "learning" German with Memrise and I still feel as clueless as I did when I started. Although I'm certainly starting to recognize words and phrases when I hear/see them. I can also count to 100!

Baby steps.

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