That moment when you switch from a tab with a site that has a dark background to something that's bright white

Whoop, @Tusky is running smooth on the N7. I've got everything I need for evening procrastination.

Found this little (3 inches) dude mooching down the road on my walk earlier. Airlifted to the safety of the hedge.

Well, the extra little tools and the replacement camera module has arrived for my OnePlus 3. I know what I'm going to be doing later today!

Excuse potato quality. It was taken with my bike camera which has its settings tweaked for video, not stills.

#running rant 

Some of you seemed to enjoy my post about training with a low HR for a month based on . If you missed it:

I did another Perceived Effort run today to see what had changed (if anything).

During those 4 weeks, my standing heart rate has increased from 67bpm up to 83bpm... ~ 24% increase! That's horrific!

My best ever standing was 57bpm earlier on in the year, so I wasn't at my best when I started MAF, but... wow.

Just had this posted in our team chat. I had to share it with you all


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