Baffled as to why my company failed the UK's #cybersecurity assessment for not having anti-virus on #Linux. It was a hard fail.

Never come across this before - and last year we passed despite explicitly stating no antivirus on linux machines.

Assessors are #iasme

Anybody else come across this?


@davidoclubb Was this for Essentials, or Plus?

Some auditors are seriously brutal. Others will work with you a little and provide you guidance, as opposed to just flat out failing you.

As for the AV, I believe it's more about proving you're protecting against malware where data could be stored.

We're just prepping for our Plus renewal again. It's a bloody nightmare :).

If you're going for Plus, brace yourself for some new rules around BYOD.

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@gray just standard thankfully, and the feedback has been useful so hopefully we will pass on our free Secunderabad attempt...😬😱

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