I keep dipping in and out while I make a slow return to the Fosstodon community, but with this visit, I come bearing a mind dump for you all:

@gray Welcome back mate! Have been wondering where you have been.. How is your teracube by the way ? Happy with it?

@Seferi Hey! Thank you :).

Honestly, I was a little disappointed. There wasn't anything really wrong with it, especially considering the price, but I just couldn't make it feel like *my phone*. So it's being kept as a backup device instead!

The search continues for that unicorn phone to replace the OP3 🤣.

@gray I got a pixel 4a and installed grapheneOS on it. Pretty happy.. If you need more functionality, CalyxOS is also an alternative.. I considered fairphone as well but it's pretty expensive and looks very ugly..

@Seferi I've contemplated a Pixel a few times, but something deep down kept putting me off. Couldn't put my finger on it.

I also considered the fairphone, but cost was a little off-putting. Although, I may have to reconsider in the future.

@gray Welcome back!! :blobfoxfingerguns:
Got the same setup going on my work machine to be able to push to different GitHub Enterprise instances and also GitHub, GitLab, Codeberg etc. for private stuff :git: :blobfoxcomputer:

@totoroot Hey, thanks!

I was aware it could be done, but I'd never looked in to how. I regret not doing it sooner, it's made life far easier!

@gray I needed this! Cheers and welcome back 😀

@arran Fantastic, i'm glad it's helped someone!

And thank you. I honestly forgot how awesome this community is.

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