I've just discovered - an open source translation API which can be self-hosted.

That's another one on the list of things to spin up when I get some time!

@gray That's a very cool project 👍 I didn't know it before but I tried it with translating one of my German tech news articles to English and the result is quite good.Unfortunately its Cloudflare Captcha locks out Tor users and it embeds tons of third-party stuff but that can be solved by running a own instance.

@nipos It's nice to know the German translation is acceptable. I was thinking of using it to translate parts of German I haven't learned yet.

That's a real shame about Tor. Let me know how you get on if you self host!

@gray There's already a instance by @SolSoCoG which allows Tor: I may probably set up a own instance in a few days.

@gray cool thanks, i am sure someone asked about something like this the other day.

@gray this is great and literally the missing piece of my exodus form Google!

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