After waiting (and chasing) for a response from Polar since the 10th (when I originally opened my support request), I have finally received the most non-answer ever. They should be politicians.

I cannot, and will not continue to recommend Polar as an option to anyone looking for fitness related hardware.

After almost 9 years, I'm done. They've changed too much and no longer give a flying one about their customers.


Well here it is, my long form rant on why I'll never recommend another Polar product in the future:

@gray We're at the same point, after just about as long, with Fitbit. Add to that the Google buyout and I don't know where to go next. As it's the one device that has helped me get moving more, though, I know I want to get something.

@person @gray I wasn't familiar with that one. I'll take a look. Thanks

@chris Yeah, the Fitbit (while in my eyes seemed overpriced) did seem to be a good purchase for that getting started crowd.

If it's just a general fitness tracking band you're after, the Xiaomi bands are fantastic value for money. Although nothing has ever beaten the Pivotal Living band back from ~ 2014 - that thing was amazing.

@gray I tried an Amazfit a few months back... Sent it back quickly for more reasons than I can fit in here. I'm really thinking Garmin might be my next option, one of their simpler bands that is. We'll see.

@gray I've never had any issues with my polar V800 (it's built like a tank) other than changing the straps. May I ask which device you had problems with?

@lopeztel I had the V800 too, that thing is an animal!

My problem isn't technical this time around, it's more their lack of feature updates and instead releasing an entirely new device.

The Vantage V2 has stirred up the hornets nest. I'm just finishing off a post about it now.

@gray entirely different story now, looking forward to read it

@gray feels like a bit of a trend nowadays, software/firmware updates aimed only at newer devices to force buyers to upgrade even if the old hardware is perfectly capable... reminds me of apple.
The worst part is that apparently it works, no company would do it if they didn't keep making money. In my opinion this is on us, the buyers, we should all be a bit more critical and avoid consumerism.
On another topic, 50k, wow, I would struggle really hard to be able to run half marathon like ages ago

@lopeztel It really is, and your comparison to Apple is spot on. All companies seem to want to replicate them (and money-wise, can you blame them?).

But yes, consumerism needs to be curbed. It has got completely out of control and shows no signs of slowing. We can't continue down this path indefinitely.

As for the 50k, it was an experience! Just like anything, you take the time to build up to it :).

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