's "anti-establishment friends".

Jumbo Privacy (JS;DR)
Medium 🤦‍♂️

Mozilla, I... I think we need to talk about the kinds of people you're hanging out with...

All from this site: blog.mozilla.org/firefox/join-

From the Unfck the Internet campaign: mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/unfc

Which features facebook and twitter sharing features.

Good god, how tone deaf are they?

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@nathand What in the name of slippery snot did I just read?

Who let the edgy teenager take over writing that lot?

@gray I am sure the intern is getting lots of experience writing copy and not at all getting shafted by not being actually paid.

For realsies.


I'm not sure if it comes off as more: "Good afternoon, fellow kids" or "TOTALLY RADICAL, DUDES AND DUDETTES".

All I know is that Mozilla needs a swift kick the rear.


@nathand Agreed. Although I would have suggested the happy sack rather than the rear, but your wording is more appropriate!

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