@dajbelshaw That was an enjoyable read.

As one of the many who work in a hierarchical environment, it can be incredibly annoying to be overruled when arguments for/against something are perfectly valid but don't fit with the view of the decision maker.

Efforts to move to a more "consensus" based approach are happening but the hierarchy still exists and can/does generally still get their way with some concessions.

I've added that book to the ever-growing list of "should read".

@gray Thanks! It's worth adding dedicated time in your (work) calendar to read these kinds of books, I think.

Just as you "can't be what you can't see" you "can't grow if you don't know" 😉

@dajbelshaw I can see the reactions now.

"I need to clear some time on my calendar to do something"

"Depends. What is it?"

"I want to read a book"

"HAH! No, keep working slave".

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