@gray fuck that's awful...

The Facebook apps are then not subject to Google Play rules, and Facebook distributes a different apk that can do a lot more surveillance (even more than the one on the Play Store!)

I might still buy a OnePlus, since it's just to put LineageOS on there anyways. I'm still running a OnePlus One that way, no spyware involved.

I won't recommend them to friends & family except if I can also help them to install Lineage though, this is way too shady

@Matter Exactly so. It's a nightmare scenario really having Facebook applications and its own manager of all things to do as it pleases.

I've considered the whole Lineage route on mine OnePlus 3 which is still going remarkably well but the issue is the "root" access kills banking apps.

There have been workarounds but it's not a guaranteed solution. Kind of makes it a no-go zone for me :(.

@gray why do people need banking apps? I really don't see the use. I don't use any proprietary software on my phone anyway, but especially not that garbage that tries to tell me my phone is not secure

@Matter I live in an incredibly rural area where most physical bank branches have been closed down.

The website only tends to work in Chrome, which I will not use. That leaves me and many others with one other realistic option 😀.

@gray @Matter I had a similar issue, both of my banks use an app for two factor. But I was told about a system called card tan so I won‘t need a smartphone for it.
Really fascinating system actually, uses flickering barcodes on the browser an optical reader which also has a smartcard reader and a pinpad for authentification

@thewk @gray that's what I use, it's just a way to not have to type the code manually, nothing more

@gray Oh wow, I bought the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G earlier this year (which thankfully doesn't have this 'feature').

Makes me hesitate about recommending, even if they are easy to put LineageOS on!

That's crap ! I've been a fan of those devices since the first one ... That's really a bad move :/


Had the first, second, third, 6t and now 7 pro

I'm wondering, even with an installation of #lineageos, if these #Facebook tools will be able to get access to your private data though.

@hyde I don't think so, it sounds like it's an OS-level thing (which Lineage would replace)

@dajbelshaw I couldnt find anything else except the os side of it. We'll have to confirm that though with those sneaky guys...

@hyde @dajbelshaw It's certainly a disgusting route for them to be taking.

I thought I'd found a good company to buy decent phones from (since my OnePlus 3). Then they did stupid things with notches, now this.

Bad ju-ju.

@gray @hyde I suppose no capitalist enterprise is immune to the pressures that come with growth.

Just means I've got a couple of years to figure out where in going to buy my next one from (hopefully running Linux!)

@dajbelshaw @hyde Now that would be the dream.

I like where Linux on the phone is heading but it's really got a long way to go before it's something that could be used every day, reliably.

@gray I tried Ubuntu Touch on my old OnePlus One last year and it was *almost* useable as a daily driver.

Weird how these rivals to the main two mobile OS's keep shutting down, eh?


@gray Indeed but maybe if we get rid of oxygenOS but the issue is that you cant get a proper working camera. I have #LineageOS on my 7Pro but cant use the 3 cameras. 😩

@hyde @gray Blame device makers for not open sourcing device drivers, etc.

Not good news at all.
However, it seems only for North America, Europe & India, so an imported device from elsewhere (Australia, Hong Kong etc) should be FB free.
Bit of a hassle just for a phone!

@Horizon_Innovations That is a very good point. I'd not considered that angle of it. You'd have to be careful that it worked on the correct bands though I suppose.

Most will work worldwide these days. The radio firmware can be replaced for your country. Hardware is the same except for China!
The xda-developers website has lots of info, even how to change a phone to a different region/device code & still receive official updates. I did this years ago with a Samsung SG2.

@gray Yeah, I saw this earlier and was extremely disappointed. I was so considering the Nord even though my OP6T still has lots of life in it, but I'll be holding onto this phone for much longer as it will be my first and last OnePlus for the foreseeable future.

@wintermute Who knows. It seems like an incredibly short-sighted deal, especially for OnePlus as they usually pull the kind of user looking for something a little different.

For the average user who wants all that Facebook junk, I suppose it would be a bonus.

I think they've forgotten who their target market is.

@gray as long as the phone has an unlocked bootloader and Google Android can be replaced, it isn't a big deal.
@gray Unable to remove bloatware is bad; but unable to remove Google is even worse.

@gray I've used oneplus for years. I'm hoping my current one lasts until #pinephone is useable as a daily personal & business phone

@gray does OnePlus still support unlocking their bootloader and maintain their warranty even if you root? Or did they stop that too? Either way this is bad but it is a little less bad if they haven't gone back on their root policy.

@mister_monster I'm not sure actually. I don't recall reading anything about them doing that in the last few months.

@gray oh wow. I was in Indonesia when Android One launches, and it's comical to see Facebook and some other apps being preinstalled on really resource constrained budget devices. Ugh.

@gray @claudiom Wasn’t their firmware always sketchy? But you had good, cheap hardware and good custom ROM support and that’s why people bought it?

@js @gray My OnePlus 6T is my first OP phone, so only since then have I taken note of OnePlus's reputation.

@claudiom @gray IDK, I don’t have Android, I only heard my Android-using geek friends talk about OP and it was usually because cheap+ custom ROM

@js They used to be cheaper, but have since moved up in price. My OP6T was US $599 and was the first time I'd ever spent that much on a phone. @gray

@claudiom @gray Ouch, so they reached Apple prices as well know.

So it seems that if you want to run Android and not spend an arm and a leg, the best deal is still the Pixel 3a/4a?

I never liked Android and stuck with iOS since the original iPhone. And the next thing to replace it is hopefully gonna be a PinePhone 2 if it ever gets made (the 1 is very promising but the hardware quite slow). So I’m a bit out of the loop on Android ;).

@js I still have my iPhone 3GS stored somewhere as it's now considered vintage. 😁 Since then, I've gone Android. My first phone was a Huawei M835 (basically a feature phone with Android shoe-horned on it) and moved to a Samsung Admire, then an LG phone, followed by my Nexus 4 I bought from a friend, and the OP6T since late 2018. Android has come a long way since 2.3 which was what the m835 had. @gray

@js Back to OnePlus, they now have the Nord which brings the price down quite a bit, and it was a phone that caught my interest for the future until I found out about the FB shenanigans. @gray

@claudiom @gray I could never deal with the device not respecting my wishes and constantly resetting settings. I felt like my phone controls me and not me the phone. I got a Nexus 5x as a gift when it was still current. I bought a new iPhone 9 months later because I just could not stand it (my GF had grabbed my old iPhone in the meanwhile, so I had to get a new one)

@js Odd, I don't ever remember Android doing that with my phone, but I always stuck to stock Android anyway. 🤷‍♂️ @gray

@claudiom @gray Nexus 5x was the most stock Android you could get at the time, straight from Google ;). Updates always reset settings - including privacy ones. That was just completely unacceptable to me, especially since it uploaded data to the cloud that I explicitly disabled upload of before.

@js Yeah, I heard weird things with those particular Nexus phones, but I never had that with my N4 that I know of. Of course, updates on it stopped at 5.x @gray

@claudiom @gray Yeah I think that was with an update of the major version of Android. Of course, most devices don’t get that at all ;).

@js Yeah, usually the phones you buy at the carrier resellers don't get updated as much, which is why they are cheap IMO. Since the N4, I now only buy unlocked phones. At least I get the support for as long as Google supports it, and after that I can always run LineageOS or something else. Been curious about UBports and postmarketOS, though the latter is still quite behind in normal use support. @gray

@claudiom @js

Wow, missed out on a hell of a conversation there!

There's just something about iPhone that doesn't agree with me. It's also far too restrictive in what you can do with it.

The other issue I have with phones these days is the size of them. Why are they all over 6 inches?!

Some of the Nokia's look pretty good with decent cameras but they all seem to have massive screens too :(.

@gray @js One thing Apple has over all Android phones is how long get support the iPhone with system updates. I will concede to that.

@claudiom @js Yeah, Android needs to pull its update and support act together.

Apple does have the advantage here with the whole hardware aspect though.

@gray @claudiom Well Pixel phones also only get updates for a meager 3 years.

@claudiom @gray It is. Hardware should be supported for at least 10 years.

@js I'd be happy with 6 years, but yes. incidentally, that's the support model for postmarketOS. @gray

@gray @claudiom I came to the conclusion that both are equally restrictive and user hostile, so at the end it doesn’t matter which to choose. Since iPhone has fewer annoyances for me, that’s what I stuck with. We don’t own our phones, they own us. We can only hope for PinePhone etc. to become viable alternatives.

@js It just boils down to preference at this point. Both Android and iOS have the same benefits and drawbacks IMO. The only solutions now are custom ROMs on the Android platform as well as other Linux-based phone OSes (UBports, pmOS, etc.) for existing phones, and then there's the PinePhone, Librem 5, etc. for hardware solutions. @gray

@js Oh, I missed your question, sorry. 😅 Yeah, the 4a would probably be the best affordable option aside from the Nord (FB shenanigans aside). @gray

@js Supposedly, the new Motorola G-series phone is another good choice. @gray

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