The time has finally arrived my @fosstodon friends. Here is the final day of - Day 100:

Moments of stress, excitement and terror have been experienced. And it's all your fault @kev

Thank you so much to EVERYONE who has read, responded and been damn awesome about the crap that has been written. I couldn't have wished to be part of a better community.

@gray @fosstodon that’s so awesome! I think you’re the first to finish?

@gray Well done to all the finishers. I salute your dedication and resilience. What next? 😁

@neildarlow Hah, thank you. It was an experience.

I'm going to take a couple weeks to just enjoy the content of others, then get back to maybe 1 "good" post a week.

@neildarlow I would really like to read some retrospectives about the experience.

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