Here's a bit of a mash-up post for today's

It covers a few topics. I revisit my thoughts on search in my blog thanks to @jbauer, I took a quick look @codeberg and also noticed that is making new moves for the desktop.

@gray @jbauer great post! Welcome and thank you for your nice comments!

On the funding side: your approximations are not way off, our current runway (all cost fixed as of today) is something slightly above 12years. Of course we need to keep repo growth and contributing community in sync to keep this healthy balance, and run campaigns if necessary.

We see in the Wikipedia example that this works out nicely. People are good and supportive of a good cause.

@gray @jbauer post scriptum: financials are reported via monthly letter to all members of the Codeberg e.V.


Hey and thank you!

That's a really informative reply and amazing to hear it's working out. When i'm near my laptop again i'll update my post.

Keep up the awesome work 😁.


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