Here's a new #podcast I've started which interviews #tech maverick renegades who are pushing back against #BigTech monopolies, #SurveillanceCapitalism and #ClimateChange and more #WeDontStream

@jamesmullarkey I'm intrigued! I'll give it a listen on my run tomorrow :).

@jamesmullarkey Really enjoyed the content!

My one (OK, two) criticisms is don't over edit.

The start of episode two felt incredibly choppy - it felt like you were trying to be too perfect and cut some "urms" or something and was a bit jarring, killing the flow.
The very start of the interview was a little bit of the same but you sounded like you eased in to it.

The second... please don't sing again, it was almost as bad as my attempts 😆.


@jamesmullarkey Keep in mind that this is coming from someone who consumes a crap load of content during long rides and runs - I'm too scared to create anything myself!

Seriously, awesome work. I'm really looking forward to more.


Thanks so much. Yes you're right I chopped some of the audio too close together. Bit of a learning curve. I think it will get better on that front. Talking to a mic in an empty room is super hard but I hoping that will get easier too.

I make no promises on the singing. :)

I recorded an interview for episode 3 yesterday so more coming.

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