#running rant 

Some of you seemed to enjoy my post about training with a low HR for a month based on . If you missed it:

I did another Perceived Effort run today to see what had changed (if anything).

During those 4 weeks, my standing heart rate has increased from 67bpm up to 83bpm... ~ 24% increase! That's horrific!

My best ever standing was 57bpm earlier on in the year, so I wasn't at my best when I started MAF, but... wow.

#running rant 

@gray I used to run, a lot (I was in the Army - so kinda had to).

Anyway, over the last few years as I've climbed the career ladder, it's left less time for training. I'm now a fat bastard and every time I try to get back into running, I inevitably fail after a few weeks.

Being lazy is just too easy. How do you stay motivated? I'd like to see a post about that.

#running rant 

@kev Fistly, thank you for serving. It's something I deeply regret not following through on when I was younger.

Finding that time to train is so difficult sometimes. You really have to MAKE the time, especially if you have packed days.

In general I've found people who struggle to get in to something fitness related are usually doing too much, too soon and burn out leading to the "fuck this, where's the burger?" line 😀.

Fantastic idea for a post though, thanks!

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