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As a small experiment to see if it has any effect on my stability and endurance during running, I completed my first Barre session.

I'm not sure how long this experiment will last. From the tears rolling down my partner's face (which could only be seen once she was no longer doubled up laughing hysterically), I can only assume she was far more entertained than me.

Apparently, the look of confusion on my face grew with every move, as I attempted to contort myself.

Helped someone else with an update: "Oh, that went really smooth, I'll do mine now".

F$%k you, Ubuntu server.

Rapidly reminded myself why I don't do in-place upgrades.

First night away of two for work in ages. Makes me realise how much I like my routine and creature comforts. But most of all, home cooked food.

Away for a couple of days with work next week. Lunch is prepped! makes life so easy.

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#TIL there exists many more #privacy respecting frontends for various well known websites:

Kudos to @Decentralize_today for putting together the list.

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Ian Betteridge is a veteran tech journalist, used to edit the UK magazine MacUser and is well known for accidentally coining "Betteridge's Law of Headlines".

You can follow at:

➡️ @ianbetteridge

Betteridge's blog is at

You can find out more about the "Law of Headlines" at

#IanBetteridge #Tech #Technology #News #Journalism #Journalist #Journalists

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Privacy community be like

"This is the only product you can use if you care about privacy"

*two weeks later*

"Actually, I saw in a YouTube video that they used Google to research some code and they are not longer private enough and THIS NEW PRODUCT is the only privacy respecting product you should use"

*two weeks later*

"So, you see...."

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One of the _perks_ of using an instance of Nitter is the spoilers on Twitter's polls, which are hidden on the repose so I know the current trend without waiting for the end of that particular poll - nor vote on the official interface, being logged in.

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@gray Ha ha, yes! Working on it. The vision is something like Strava but with focus on weigh lifting at least initially and integrated with Mastodon for social networking.

@tom “App coming soon”, oh you cheeky little tease.

Thanks for the follow. Let me know about that app! :)

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I wrote a blog post about a blog post Mojeek wrote about Privacy Browser. It is blog post inception.

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Hi, I'm FediThing, I maintain @FediFollows, @feditips and @FediVideos.

If you appreciate these accounts, you can send a donation at: :blobcatheart:

(It says euros but any currency will work)

Thank you! :blobcat_mlem:

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The new #gajim #xmpp client is looking really good. The devs made a great effort of re-designing a lot of the UI/UX. Furthermore, this runs on Linux, Windows and Mac OS.
Gajim: Gajim 1.4.0

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Whats everyones favorite search engine

Retoot for Exposure

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Right then - I am jumping on the #podcast bandwagon with the soft launch of The Fiets Podcast - my everyday #cycling and #ActiveTravel advocacy with a local focus on Nuneaton, Warwickshire, the West Midlands but also the wider UK.

Available on #Podbean, #Spotify, manual subscription, and coming soon to other podcast services.

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