The joy of being back in the office for a couple of days. Took me 7.5 minutes to for a pee, as opposed to about 30 seconds at home.

All due to the one way systems in place, and having to lock/unlock/ID swipe card myself through doors.

Thank goodness it's only for a couple of days.

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When you write hashtags, remember to use CamelCase (where each word has a capital letter).

This makes it much easier for blind and partially-sighted people's screen reader apps to read the hashtag out loud, and makes your message much more accessible.

For example #DogsOfMastodon is easier for a screen reader to say out loud than #dogsofmastodon, as CamelCase makes it obvious where the words are.

#FediTips #MastoTips #Accessibility #A11y #Hashtags #ScreenReaders

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Occasionally treat myself to a choccy bar with lunch. Thought the bar felt smaller and lighter. This marginal shrinking of every single product really pisses me off. I want those precious grams back!

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Scrolling through content on sites

How you know your cat is evil: It sits behind the fan, allowing it to blow fur at you, and your sticky, sweaty body...

Why are these creatures so good at being beautiful, elegant, and complete dicks all at the same time?

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@nathand All of that while at the same time the CEO raise their salary:

What Mozilla is doing is a shame.

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Mobilizon is the Fediverse's free open source federated alternative to Facebook Events. You can find out more and how to get started at:

It uses the same ActivityPub federation standard as Mastodon and the rest of the Fediverse (though it does not yet federate with Masto).

#FediTips #Fediverse #Mobilizon #FacebookEvents #Alternatives

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The state of modern marketing makes it hard to promote products in a responsible way. We have identified nine marketing practices we reject and want to see go away.

Taking a principled stand might hurt our growth, yet it's the best way to support progress.

This is just too awesome not to share. "A national flag samurai media mix project"

This thing absolutely needs a fighting game made for it.

Apologies for YouTube link. I couldn't find a working Invidious instance.

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I’m interested into getting into quantum computer design, and actively looking for books to read, programs I should learn to use, and doing as much self teaching as I can before I go back to college to get a formal education on the subject. If you have the time, would you mind recommend some material or programs I should read/learn? It’s a broad subject and I’m having a hard time finding a good starting place.

Either way, thank you for your time!

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Popular webcomic "The Oatmeal" no longer asks people to follow them on #Facebook, #Twitter, #instagram etc. Here's their explanation as to why (contains minor swearing):

(from )

PS Currently if you want to follow them, visit here:

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Are there any good books on how to do beautiful layout in LaTeX? I have most of the Addison Wesley / Pearson / InformIT books but wondered if there was some brave soul out there that has something more like a tutorial of not only "put these commands here to make this work" but also goes into the "why" of the design they chose.

(Note: this is a specific question for a specific item. Alternatives are not requested. Spitballing web searches are not helpful. I want an artifact, not Stack Overflow).

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Attention Mojeek users. Search is currently not working. The rest of our site is OK. We are investigating this urgently.

It's the first time in several years we have been down. Further updates as soon as restored or other information to report. Thank you for your patience.

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KDE Plasma powers the desktop of the Valve #SteamDeck.

Congrats Valve for releasing #SteamDeck! Thank you for choosing Plasma!

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Recommendation needed, WordPress 

A friend of mine asked me if I could help her with a website for her work as a photographer. I think WordPress is a solid choice, but I have little to none experience with it. I don't just want to set up a cheap template and call it a day. What are some plugins/templates/themes (I don't know what the heck that's called in WordPress) that I can maybe use in the future as well? I'd be willing to pay a few bucks if necessary.

Canonical look to be on a damn hiring spree:

Popped a few tags in, but there are all sorts of roles going if you're looking for work.

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Online ID / age verification: the death of online search, and non-browser web access?

A (public) draft of a blog post on an unintended, perhaps unnoticed, effect of the current push for ID / #ageverification online.

Feedback welcome.


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I didn't know that Mastodon had an RSS feed for your account. Neat!

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