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Hey friends WITH #PinePhone, I have 4 apps I don't want to lose on my phone... Spotify, Sonos, Phillips Hue and Fitbit (though I would gladly replace my whole fitbit device if there was a good alternative). I've tried finding ways to run these on Pinephone but I can't find a single word on them. Have any of you tried, can you share your experiences? Currently I'm guessing I'll wind up with pine as a phone and my pixel like an ipod. That's less than ideal.

I recently had to do some tidying up from an account that was compromised due to phishing.

Here's a slightly longer post on connecting to Online Remote using

Not very but it's what I have to work with.

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I've been in the ocean with countless Octopii before. I have also seen a ton of evidence of their intelligence. Not one bit of this would surprise me honestly.

I always like to see how different people have their editors configured. Here's one from Graham Gilbert on his setup

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Day 33 of the series:

watch. It's a cool app, and it saves me more time than I like to think about. I wrote about it.

Accidentally hit myself in the love spuds. Now I get to start Friday with serious nut ache.

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A bit time crunched today so day 34 of is a bit of an odd mash up of stuff.


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I'm on track :)

New post about the choices i've made to get started within a night:

This is day 2 of my

Today for I try to re-engage my work brain after a week off. It was a struggle.

Had an enjoyable week off, now back to work... Doh!

For day 32 of I remove something negative from my life and improve my mood with a short rant. Welcome to the "Mind Dump" side of the blog!

Another amazeballs episode of Late Night Linux has dropped where they discuss a few things including Microsoft's

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My last :) has it been 100 posts already? Well, no...

But I'm happy I participated and learned a great deal. Here's my overview of the last 25 posts, hope you like it and I will definitely keep on reading all the other posts out there!

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Day 30 of the series:

I feel like I got a little bit preachy in this one, but it's something I'm passionate about. I think it's time to go back to the Internet the way it used to be.

With the release of Windows Terminal 1.0 - I take a slightly closer look at some of the things it has to offer.

Tabs, Settings & Searching. There's something for everyone in here:

(Day 31)

Another amazing video from Kurzgesagt that backs an interesting story from The Anthropocene Reviewed podcast:

The Past We Can Never Return To

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