This is going to be the replacement of the current my desktop machine ;)

I've just started reading Network Programming with Go.

Product Idea: A EPUB reader shows your eBook contens as splitted threads of toots to you.

I've just enjoyed, but struggled a bit with Bevy (bevy_audio) for gamedev. It seems that the internal core has a bevy_audio as one of its dependencies, and it crashes due RustAudio/rodio fails to detect default audio device. I guess that my settings of pulseaudio and alsa would be fine. I don't know how to avoid this for now. My tiny sample game does not need any audio input/output though... hmm 🤔

Enjoyed sorting Lego blocks. I've never thought that is so fun. Live streamings of some Lego building are getting almost prepared.

I got surgery for a finger has had not worked almost for 10 years due to an accident in Ice Hockey, yesterday morning. I hope that I can become faster on type something by this.

I've just started a little monthly donation to rust-analyzer ;)

I've just changed the default branch for some repos. On bare repo, I had to set symbolic-ref to a new one, and for some services, also had to unprotect automatically protected branches by default.

This is the year of Cow in Chinese astrology, so we can say, a happy new "Larry the Cow" year!!

I've just upgraded Mattermost instance from 5.6.1 to 5.29.1.

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