I've just configured Keyboardio Atreus. It's cosy and a bit smaller than the original Atreus(es) currently I use.

Feedback to my personal portage overlay made me a bit motivated. I've never thought that someone uses it.

My wife gave me a folding sunshade.

Me: I like it!
Wife: I've just thought of an idea. Why not put a name on it with tag or something?
Me: Name? Hmm... then I'll call it "Shadow Bringer"! Cool, huh?
Wife: What's it? I meant your name since you lose often something. haha.
Me: Aw

I want to boot the "Find My Motivation" application in my head. But it crashes due to a consistency issue between the last week and this week. I can't do it. 1 star.

[x] Sleep well
[x] Clean the floor in the house
[x] Clean the kitchen
[x] Wash clothes
[x] Water the plants
[x] Maintain motorcycle
[x] Have a shower
[ ] Eat something

I went for a swim in a gym today, so I'm already so sleepy.

The wheel event by trackball had not recognized well on recent Firefox for a while, but it worked with these options (GDK_CORE_DEVICE_EVENTS=1 or GTK_MOZ_USE_XINPUT2=0) today for me on 79.0 nightly:

It seems that the silencer of my motorbike has stolen. The motorbike just came back from a vehicle inspection last week. So sad :'(

Is it hard to change the earth's orbit a bit bigger? ... can we take temporarily a short distance away from the sun at least until fixing the global warming problem? I miss winter.

I feel finally recovering from a sense of loss, gradually. It was hard during these few months and it took much longer than I thought.

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