I got surgery for a finger has had not worked almost for 10 years due to an accident in Ice Hockey, yesterday morning. I hope that I can become faster on type something by this.

I've just started a little monthly donation to rust-analyzer ;)

I've just changed the default branch for some repos. On bare repo, I had to set symbolic-ref to a new one, and for some services, also had to unprotect automatically protected branches by default.

This is the year of Cow in Chinese astrology, so we can say, a happy new "Larry the Cow" year!!

I've just upgraded Mattermost instance from 5.6.1 to 5.29.1.

It seems that cargo test now does not build any binary when --bin and --no-run both options are given... 🤔 why?

I'm doing unsymlink-lib --migrate on a laptop. This is 5th time, and its profile is no-multilib, so this is going to be easy ;)

Making a joke in English is still a little bit hard to me :-D

A display who stands as a candidate says,

I've monitored the govement well. The current situation is quite heavy. But I have a long arm, and I'm anti-glare. Ahem, from where I'm standing, we should not hide our feelings behind a screen of polite words! As refresh, ah, we need at least 240 holidays per year, not per second! Of course, dear my lovely 4K pixies, That's our rights! Let's get back our brightness!

As a new hobby which I've never tried much yet before, I've just started playing a game on Linux. Today, I built steam-launcher via Gentoo's unofficial steam-overlay. I'll play "Shelter 2" from now ;)
And, I'm thinking to play also "The First Tree", "Meadow" and "Trüberbrook" etc. Every one of those is so adorable.

And I'd like to start leaning also a bit about design patterns for game development. It's totally new to me but looks fun.


Upgrading of the Linux kernel is now quite easier than previous versions like 2.x, I feel. Thank you, kernel developers.

Next year, I will try upgrading it to 5.x.

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It's the latest of 4.14.x. This is a history of the kernel versions.

❯❯❯ eselect kernel list
Available kernel symlink targets:
[1] linux-3.8.0-gentoo
[2] linux-4.3.3-gentoo
[3] linux-4.9.77-gentoo
[4] linux-4.14.14-gentoo
[5] linux-4.14.209-gentoo *

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