I would be a happy person if i could watch the premiere of online today.

Guess i will have to wait until tomorrow.

Bought my first mechanical keyboard. Now i just need to wait until it travels across the world.

Already looking at keycaps and customizable keyboards like the jj50. I'm feeling this will become a money sink if i'm not cautious.

How does one get a keyboard like the planck for cheap? Small, only square keys, and all the goodness? I'm from Brazil so getting the real one cost as much as a PC.

Hope that not too many ppl r still with .
B/c now FB has yet ANOTHER potential data breach of its coveted users on their hands!

Today's 'Researchers find 540 million Facebook user records on exposed servers'

On my next step to myself. What is a good alternative to online spreadsheets (text docs would be good too)? I could put my spreadsheet on a nextcloud storage and mount it as a folder on my linux machines, but it wouldn't be possible to edit anywhere, just on my machines.

I wanted something i can access and edit via browser preferably.

So... Hello. I just moved here. How are you today?


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