Switching from to today.

Any tips for someone who's only ever used Ubuntu and Mint, and Fedora/Mandrake a long time ago?

@grahambae Study Pacman and Yay - any reason why you changed/ and why not to straight Arch?

@dekkzz78 @grahambae if I had to take a guess, it's because setting up Arch looks like a pain and super intimidating XD

setting up manjaro is relatively painless...

But ya the Arch User Repository is the best thing ever...

@gaurdianaq @dekkzz78

Pretty much this. The fun of Arch seems to be putting work into getting stuff working and learning stuff in the process, which is great, but for my production machine I wanted something with the advantages of Arch while mostly working out of the box.

Maybe some time in the future when I get the itch again :)


XFCE. Some of my hardware is on the older side and Cinnamon would chug every now and then.

It's running like a dream so far. Everything just glides along!

@gaurdianaq ahh yes, trying a tiling WM is another thing I've yet to explore. Maybe my next step is Arch + i3!

@grahambae I definitely don't want to go back to a non tiling window manager... my next step might be trying out awesome window manager... I have little desire to check out full on arch though...

I feel like if I'm going to go that far I might as well just go all the way and try openbsd...

Just enjoy it and, yeah, archwiki.
Arch is my fav and daily distro 🤩

@Fk Why, pray tell? I've got no complaints with Manjaro so far.

@grahambae I was planning on doing the same thing, but the effort barrier is too high. What inspired your switch?

(I'm in the same boat as you, only Debian-based distros)

@farhan I just wanted to get a taste of the Arch universe I'd heard so much about. I'd been a bit frustrated with the 'slow but stable' package policy of Mint because I like to be closer to the bleeding edge than not (while still having a working system most of the time).

Also my Mint install was about 6 years old and I was getting random crashes, mostly in Firefox, so I figured it was a decent time to try something new. I also wanted to try XFCE and Manjaro treats it as a first class citizen.

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