First post!

Taking my first steps towards removing Google (and other general proprietary snooping crap) from my life,.

Deleting my long-unused Windows partition was a breath of fresh air, similar to deleting my Facebook account, and now I'm seriously considering replacing my Pixel 3 with a Librem 5.

Other changes so far:

Google -> DuckDuckGo
Gmail -> ProtonMail
Google Drive -> pCloud
Slack -> Mattermost

What kind of changes have you guys made?


An update on this:

Google Drive, Photos, Calendar, Contacts and Keep all replaced with .

Started with a paid host, but after a month trial with a measly 10GB plan, decided that the cost of upgrading to the storage I need would be better spent on a solution.

Next step: an 8-10TB hard drive to plug into my old laptop which is running Nextcloud, followed by shucking the drive and moving to a proper rack.

Still dragging my feet on migrating away from .

@grahambae yeah, really is the go-to software when removing Google from one's life IMHO. As for , I replaced it with , couldn't be happier with it, simple but good!

@yarmo it's incredibly empowering being in control of so many different categories of my own data, and paying for raw storage instead of paying a monthly fee to rent it.

Yep I'm planning to migrate to Gitea in the near future 👌

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