First post!

Taking my first steps towards removing Google (and other general proprietary snooping crap) from my life,.

Deleting my long-unused Windows partition was a breath of fresh air, similar to deleting my Facebook account, and now I'm seriously considering replacing my Pixel 3 with a Librem 5.

Other changes so far:

Google -> DuckDuckGo
Gmail -> ProtonMail
Google Drive -> pCloud
Slack -> Mattermost

What kind of changes have you guys made?

An update on this:

Google Drive, Photos, Calendar, Contacts and Keep all replaced with .

Started with a paid host, but after a month trial with a measly 10GB plan, decided that the cost of upgrading to the storage I need would be better spent on a solution.

Next step: an 8-10TB hard drive to plug into my old laptop which is running Nextcloud, followed by shucking the drive and moving to a proper rack.

Still dragging my feet on migrating away from .

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@grahambae Welcome! Do you already have a device that works with ?

@kuleszdl thanks! Unfortunately not :( I've got Ubuntu server running on and old Dell laptop, and my desktop is an Alienware machine (received as a gift) running Linux Mint.

I've currently got my greedy eyes on a Librem 15.

@grahambae Instead of spending much money on that I would recommend to get one of the well-supported older Thinkpads and to try it out "from scratch". It's not the best machine, but if you get e.g. a T60 or X60 you can flash coreboot without any disassembly (the newer ones are harder), especially those that don't work with the clips but need soldering.

@kuleszdl Sweet, thanks for the tip. I'm not currently in the market for a laptop because I do all of my work and play from home, but that seems like a sound idea.

I guess it's just the excitement of wanting to support a company that's trying to steer things in the right direction!

@grahambae Well, since you're running an old Dell laptop as a server I thought you might be interested in a similar replacement.

However, many people are running libre ARM boards as home servers nowadays, and with interesting options (e.g. those with rk3399 chips) you can build quite powerful yet energy-efficient machines. If you are not experienced with ARM I would rather suggest to get a well-supported A20 board and try e.g. FreedomBox ( on it first.

@kuleszdl Thanks again, more research for me to do 👌


GChat -> XMPP
Google -> Searx
Keep -> Wallabag and Shaarli
GDrive -> WebDAV

@drwho Cheers, I haven't finalised my decisions about which services to use so it's always nice to know about more options.

@grahambae Nextcloud, Gitea, Matrix/Riot, pass(1) are all daily use for me. All self-hosted.

@grahambae @grahambae I installed LineageOS on smartphone, replaced Gmail with tutanota and protonmail, messaging apps with Signal and I am now using Mastodon as my day-to-day social network

@astrolopitech I'm reading up on LineageOS now and it sounds brilliant. Sounds like it'll be my go-to until I jump on the Librem 5 train.



I'm using LG g5 se (h845n) and unfortunately there isn't any custom ROM available for me.
Since unlocker is available by LG I'm beginning to "build my own custom ROM from source"😱 sounds terrifying for me.
But it will be fun and a great training.

@mzeinali @astrolopitech wow, that sounds terrifying and super educational. I'd love to see status updates with your progress and the things you learn along the way!


I use for cloud storage. That's not FOSS obviously. I like it, but I don't hear it mentioned much in the privacy community, so I feel like I should look into my options again.

@apfelschorle @grahambae cloud -> nextcloud.

Have fun !

@yarmo @grahambae

Self-hosting is best. But I don't have enough storage, so I chose Mega, since it seemed the most secure commercial solution.

But overall for me:

Gmail --> ProtonMail
Google --> DuckDuckGo
Google Drive --> Mega (I know)
LastPass --> KeePass
Chrome --> FireFox
Evernote --> Joplin
Waze --> OsmAnd (most painful switch)

It's also crazy how much longer your phone's battery lasts when you're not hemorrhaging personal data.

@apfelschorle Yeah, is generally quite good and I get great speeds with them since I'm in Australia, but I'd prefer a FLOSS solution.

@kev Thanks for that, super useful! I started a spreadsheet detailing the services/software I currently use and the potential replacements, so reading someone else's experiences helps a lot.

@artrotrogus thanks, it does feel like a homecoming of sorts :) it's a refreshing feeling knowing I can trust the platforms I use.

Definitely agree with you. I quitted up with Facebook one month ago and at the same time I created Mastodon profile. Since then I almost never use my mainstream socials.
I think Mastodon community lets you really feel included rather than just passive observer. Great place and great people.

@artrotrogus: yeah, I deleted my Facebook account a long time ago and didn't miss it at all. I kept Instagram because I didn't find it as distracting or soul-sucking as Facebook, and Whatsapp because that's what pretty much everyone I know uses, but I'll probably delete those today. Then I'll be Facebook free!

I'm really enjoying Mastodon so far too :)

@grahambae Welcome! For me it's been more like this:
Google -> DuckDuckGo
GMail -> Mailfence
SMS -> Signal/Wire
Facebook -> Mastodon

I didn't know about pCloud before. What do you think of it?

@JonYoder I haven't really put pCloud through its paces yet, but I'm still unsure about fully committing to it because uploading all of my data there would require paying the one-off fee. In fact I'm kind of leaning towards Nextcloud, though I'd have to pay for hosting because my home internet connection is pretty terrible.

@grahambae IMO, the best replacement for SMS is as it uses the plain-old SMS channel but encrypts the contents end-to-end.

@kuleszdl thanks, I didn't know about that. Looks like I've found my SMS app.

@grahambae I'm very sceptical about Librem 5 phone. I doubt it will any usefull as 1sr gen device comparing to Nexus You have or any other phone today. It will lack features for sure and they will be most likely limited in function. My recommendation is to keep Nexus, flash LinageOS whit MicroG, use Aurora store for apps you need from play store. Linux blobs still will be closed source, but You will cut out Google as much as possible on Android device.

@maigonis hmm yeah, I've always preferred to watch gen1 and purchase gen2 as well. It's unfortunate that there's not much in terms of phone options for scratching this freedom itch (RIP Openmoko, I really wanted you to succeed) because it's been a long wait for a proper Linux phone.

I'm actually in the process of wiping my Pixel 3 and installing LineageOS now!

@grahambae I like idea about true open Linux phone also, but seems like it will not happen soon. Debian as base is a good option but new UI needs to be created that is stable and easy to use. A lot of apps needs to be adapted or recoded from scratch, a true open source hardware is needed - basically a new ecosystem. A lot of resources, manpower and dedication will be needed, whit volunteers only this, most likely, won't happen.

@maigonis: it's definitely a long road to a true Linux phone, but I'm glad the community hasn't given up. I'm not a big fan of Canonical but I was disappointed to see Convergence fail. Hopefully that means they'll start dedicating some all of that development work to Wayland and general upstream contributions.

I disagree with your notion that a volunteer project is unlikely to succeed - just look at Linux itself. Sure, there are corporate contributors etc. but it's very much community-driven.

@maigonis: also, the fact that a company like Purism is putting serious money and effort towards a Linux phone ecosystem is a good sign, and hopefully they'll be the first of many to do so. There needs to be a snowball effect of one well-made device creating momentum so people jump on board to create and improve apps. You gotta start somewhere!

@grahambae if we are talking about big major player next to iOS and Android then that effort will be not enough. Even if Purism is investing big money. True about snowball effect, but if We are looking at Linux in generall then still in My opinion (I haven't done scientific tests) around 80-90% of people around Me don't know what Linux is. Sure it runs on Android even if they don't understand it, in routers, mail and other online services they use but they don't understand that.

@grahambae for enthusiasts, "geeks" phone like that will appear at some point, bit if we are talking about mainstream product then no, not that soon.

@maigonis: yeah, I'm not expecting pure Linux phones to grab any significant amount of market share any time soon, but if we manage to see something in the mobile space resembling the kind of maturity that desktop Linux has achieved, I'll be very pleased. It doesn't bother me that desktop Linux's market share is not even 4%, I just want a viable platform for those who choose to use it.

@grahambae biggest problems will be apps. For example all people I talk to are on WhatsApp and Facebook = Facebook world. They don't use and won't use Matrix, XMPP, Mastodon or any other more secure, open source solution. So if a pure Linux phone don't have WhatsApp for example I won't switch because of this.

@maigonis Where I live everyone uses WhatsApp too, but I told my close friends that I won't be using it anymore. They respected my decision and were happy to install Telegram so they could keep in touch with me.

I know it's not practical to get everyone in your life to change messaging apps, but it's up to people like us to take the first step.

How does the old quote go? All it takes for proprietary software to dominate the world is for informed people to do nothing... or something like that.

@grahambae for Me it is not that simple. As I'm trying to make photography as a part time job I have to speak whit new clients, and they will not install other messaging app on they're phone just to contact me. Closest thing to WhatsApp in My opinion is Signal. If Signal will become mainstream some day then it will be a victory.

@maigonis yeah, that's definitely a more difficult situation to navigate. I agree, any open standard becoming adopted in the mainstream would be a big victory.

Why change the Pixel if you can change the software running on it?

@tuxdevices: it's primarily a matter of supporting a cause I believe in for the sake of a better future.

Aside from that the hardware is closed, and even though I'm now running LineageOS it's still Android, which is becoming increasingly dependent on Google Play services and proprietary drivers.

@grahambae I got my ProtonMail account in the early days, when they were putting people on queue for getting a proton account. I had to wait like 2 weeks. I think that was 4 or 5 years ago. I learned about ProtonMail through linked TED Talk.
I also learned about DDG from the same TED Talk.

@murtezayesil good stuff, I didn't know he did a TED Talk explaining it all in layman's terms.

There is a TED Talk for almost every beatiful topic.
"Almost" because there is no TED Talk about Malto... Oh wait! Yeap, there is TED Talk even about Maltodon

@mzeinali thanks for the link, that's a great list. I've replaced most of my apps with Fdroid substitutes but there are some hidden gems in there.

@grahambae yeah, really is the go-to software when removing Google from one's life IMHO. As for , I replaced it with , couldn't be happier with it, simple but good!

@yarmo it's incredibly empowering being in control of so many different categories of my own data, and paying for raw storage instead of paying a monthly fee to rent it.

Yep I'm planning to migrate to Gitea in the near future 👌

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