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financial need, boosts appreciated 

My family just found out that the land we'd gotten permission to live on is $6k deep in missed payments.

If anyone has a bit to spare, we're still waiting on our first round of pandemic aid, and until we get my social security name change stuffs fixed we can't even do a proper gofundme or whatever.

My partner, @sesshirecat, has a Paypal that hasn't been shut down, if you have anything you can contribute.

We have until Monday or Tuesday (6th or 7th of June) to find enough to pay this, otherwise the former owners will sue and we'll be up shytte's creek again.

I've been busting my ass to make the land liveable for us and our three-month-old, but apparently I've not been fast enough at that.

Literally anything helps right now. I'm attempting to cash out my old 403b, there's some bonds that a friend might sell to help, and we have a little bit (a hundred or two) saved from TANF to add to the stack...going to ask our caseworker if they know of any options to suggestions on ways to negotiate with the seller or...anything... I said, anything helps.

I just started a job at Jimmy John's, and I've learned some interesting things working the drive thru:

1. Not everyone has chips in their cards. I kind of just thought everyone had them since they became mandatory here in the US quite a while back.

2. Loud cars and trucks are ten times more annoying when you're trying to take an order and just get an earful of loud engine noises

3. People talking seems a lot faster when you're trying to enter their order into a machine😂

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I've always loved seeing old websites from long ago, but I love seeing them revived for the modern world even more!

Happy !
This is the first one I've done since I was able to make Pop! OS the only OS on my laptop!

I honestly love this new clock in Android 12! It looks really nice! I also feel like it gives me an incentive to read and clear my notifications (I've always wanted to try and keep my notifications decluttered, but have never been able to)

Just realized today that I still had emails forwarding from my old Gmail account to my Protonmail account from back when I switched. Since most of it was garbage from stuff I didn't use anymore, I turned off forwarding, and now my inbox is a lot less of a mess!

Decided to spend some time figuring out how to make a site with WordPress! I was recently appointed as the webmaster for my district of the fraternity I'm in, and their site is made with WordPress, so I figured I should learn the ropes so I know how to do stuff a little better.

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Self-Repair Manifesto
Let's take back our right to repair! Help us get this manifesto posted in every workshop, hacker space, and garage in the world!

I always love rewatching Silicon Valley, because the further along I go with my CS degree, the more jokes I understand. (Plus its just a hilarious show in general😂)

So, our band directors announced a while back that an unused area by our practice field would be renovated, and we would be getting a new space to store stuff and do our thing, which is awesome! Today, they released designs of what it would look like, and it looks amazing! I'm super excited!

It's finals week, and people are starting to move out and throw away useless stuff in the dumpsters out back. Me and my friends happened to pass by and find some fun things😂

I just found out someone recreated Club Penguin, and I am a happy man!

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The Audacity maintainers have closed the pull request and committed to not using Google Analytics nor Yandex.

Kind of a shame that Muse's first move with Audacity was to add Google telemetry to the platform. I use MuseScore a lot as a music minor, and I was excited to see what they would do with it. That's the magic with open source though I guess! I have no doubt someone will make a version with all of the good improvements, but none of the crap.

Anyone else see the ad for Domino's self-driving delivery vehicles and immediately think about the Black Mirror episode with the exact same thing?

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