I bought myself a monitor stand, so I decided to update my desk setup a bit! I moved everything over to one side of my L desk since I will just have a normal desk once I move into my apartment in a couple weeks.

@Tay0 I feel like I'm about to go down some sort of amazing rabbit hole! 😂

@cyberfarmer ah, ok! That makes sense. I know Jimmy John's has Kickin' Ranch (which is essentialy just spicy ranch) but we don't have anything different for mayo. And that siracha mayo sounds really good!


Just had one of the oddest interactions I've ever had at Jimmy Johns:

Customer: can I have a (some sandwich), and what flavors of mayo do you have?

Me thinking I misheard: Sorry, could you repeat that?

C: What flavors of mayo do you have?

M: We have normal mayo, but that's about it.

C: So you don't have different flavors?

M: Nope, sorry about that.

Am I missing something? Do different flavors of mayo exist and I just never knew of such a magical thing?

I know it's a day late, but happy featuring my Android 12 homescreen setup!

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@edel oh no! I'm so sorry! I hope you find him soon!

@Linux4Everyone the future equivalent of asking for a Nintendo switch and getting a network switch😂

Got my podcast queue set up for my vacation car-ride tomorrow!

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@joeligj12 dang, those are some security problems! I'd say email them directly. Maybe see if you can email someone in charge who could understand why the issues are important, then they could propose a change.

@joeligj12 it's honestly more of a user base thing. Most of my friends use it, so I use it to message with them. If I could use something like Signal or Matrix, I would, but a lot of my friends don't really care enough about privacy to switch to something new. If I could switch to something better that more people I know use, I would (especially since Snap doesn't seem to care about Android users) but it's still better than anything by Facebook.

Android 12 Beta 3 just added the option to theme your icons to match the Material You theme, and I'm kinda liking it! Also, those conversation widgets are a lot more useful than I thought they would be!

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