I bought myself a monitor stand, so I decided to update my desk setup a bit! I moved everything over to one side of my L desk since I will just have a normal desk once I move into my apartment in a couple weeks.

I know it's a day late, but happy featuring my Android 12 homescreen setup!

Got my podcast queue set up for my vacation car-ride tomorrow!

Android 12 Beta 3 just added the option to theme your icons to match the Material You theme, and I'm kinda liking it! Also, those conversation widgets are a lot more useful than I thought they would be!

So, does anybody remember Google's Mode watch bands that were supposed to make watch bands easier to switch out? I always thought they were pretty cool, and I found some on Amazon for pretty cheap, so I snatched one!

I just found out that Kali Linux has a groovy new GTK theme, so I decided to apply it to Cosmic setup on Ubuntu!

Is it just me, or does the new Windows 11 lock screen look a lot like a certain Linux desktop's lock screen?

I just downloaded the latest version of the Ratio launcher on my phone, and I'm absolutely loving it. Especially the fact that they let you change the wallpaper for light and dark modes

Got bored and decided to turn my old wall clock into a Windows clock

So, I know people generally don't like Windows here (and I agree with that sentiment) but what do y'all think of Windows 11's new look based on a pre-release image that XDA got ahold of??

Just realized the new Material You color changing feature is in the second beta, and I'm really liking it!

Small new detail I like on Beta 2 of Android 12 is this little wallet button in the corner. It's a lot more convenient than pressing and holding the power button to get to Google Pay

I found this bit of nostalgia at a garage sale! I used to play a Leapster just like this one when I was a little kid. I even had this Finding Nemo game that happened to come with it. It was a trip down memory lane just hearing it power on!

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