Just had one of the oddest interactions I've ever had at Jimmy Johns:

Customer: can I have a (some sandwich), and what flavors of mayo do you have?

Me thinking I misheard: Sorry, could you repeat that?

C: What flavors of mayo do you have?

M: We have normal mayo, but that's about it.

C: So you don't have different flavors?

M: Nope, sorry about that.

Am I missing something? Do different flavors of mayo exist and I just never knew of such a magical thing?

@gortbrown they're the kind of stuff made in house, I used to work at a place that had both sirachia mayo and sage mayo. It was great.


@cyberfarmer ah, ok! That makes sense. I know Jimmy John's has Kickin' Ranch (which is essentialy just spicy ranch) but we don't have anything different for mayo. And that siracha mayo sounds really good!

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