So, I know people generally don't like Windows here (and I agree with that sentiment) but what do y'all think of Windows 11's new look based on a pre-release image that XDA got ahold of??

@gortbrown I like it. I mean, I know it's going to get some getting used to, and I *know* it's going to mess all my clients up, depending on how the build team configures it, but it's still a nice look.

@nathand I agree! I think it keeps the best parts of the Windows 10 UI, and gets rid of some of the not as great stuff.

@gortbrown Lowkey looks like a Plasma configured to look like Windows 10 but it also looks like Windows 10 with some adjustments. Then again, it's a pre-release image so what do I expect. :/

@gortbrown I cant wait to have a reason to convince and help my parents to move to Linux Mint or something like that

@gortbrown Malibu Stacy has a new hat!

Did you see the new Explorer:
They've managed to make it so only 25% of the space has content. Less usability, but very pretty.

Malibu Stacy has a new hat.

@ericphelps oh yeah, I did see that. I used a newer insider build a month or two ago, and it had the new explorer. I think it looks nice, it did sacrifice some usability for that. All in all though, I didn't think it was too unusable.

Also, love the Simpsons reference😂

@gortbrown I think it's fine. I'd definitely try to find a way to make the taskbar icons left aligned instead of centered though.

@moddedBear XDA actually showed off a setting that lets you move the icons to the left, so that's definitely a thing you can do

@telroy yeah, It's definitely an interesting design. I personally like it, but I can also see why others wouldn't

@gortbrown Where's the silly "News and Interests" Taskbar feature they've released a crashy update to introduce going to go?

@pswilde I actually never noticed that was gone!😂 I have no clue where that'll be or if they just got rid of it

@pswilde I just saw this on a Michael MJD video, but it's an icon in the taskbar

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