Linux elitism makes me sick. I'm tired of people screaming at me what I should be doing on my computer. Shouldn't the linux desktop be about freedom, not about basement people with super inflated egos narrowing your choices?

Please don't be a linux elitist. It's not healthy for the community and your social life.

Just tried a McNasty (putting a McChicken sandwich in between the patties of a McDouble) and it was God, but it was so much along with the fries that I feel like falling into a food coma nap😂


My power went out, and I found out that a flashlight taped to a bottle of vodka makes a great lamp!

So, after a day of using my Linux/Windows setup, it's not the best experience. Linux gui apps aren't as stable as I'd like them, and crash on occasion.

I might end up switching to a dual boot configuration, but I think this setup is good enough to use while I'm working in Windows, so I can still use Linux without having to reboot quite as much.

Happy ! Been working on a WSL2 based Linux setup since I'll need Windows for some upcoming classes, and so I don't have to switch around so much in a dual boot setup.

Gotta love taking clothes out of the dryer to find two flash drives when you take everything out

Turns out finding a keyboard for my Macintosh 512k is a bit harder than I thought it would be. The original Apple keyboard costs a ton online, and they don't make a lot of keyboards for the 4P4C connector that it uses. So my only real options are to buy some more expensive adapters, or to buy a bunch of cheaper adapters to daisy-chain together so I can use a keyboard I already have😂

Nothing like eating Mac N Cheese and watching Hells Kitchen with your cat after a night of tornado warnings and power outages. Perfect Sunday in my book

So apparently Pantheon Desktop is something you can just install on Fedora. And now, my ideal setup is complete!

Happy !
Just settled on Pop OS as the distro on my new Framework Laptop!

I had an idea while watching a playlist of workstation tours from Linux developers.

Why not make a video showcasing the setups of Mastodon? (not limited to Fosstodon, of course.) Nothing fancy, just a quick video tour of your setup.

Just to guage interest, would people be interested in contributing setup videos to be included in this?

It would be like this, but a single video:

Or like the mkbhd setup tour project:

Boots appreciated!

Curiosity poll regarding social media approach.

Please boost because we're really curious about the experience-approach for as many users as possible.

We have excluded two options here and will explain why:

Twitter exclusively: probably not gonna see this poll if you don't use Fediverse at all

Spiderman: We assume everyone would add Spiderman to their options because of how polls work.

Yet another story of someone losing access to their entire #facebook profile without any warning or avenues for recourse.

Also a reminder to properly decommission your hanging domains and move anything tied to them elsewhere. It's a *really* trivial attack that works on everything from personal socialmedia to massive corps.
Go do it now, I'll wait.

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