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@wxcafe It's more secure since it just asks Cloudflare to do all of your routing
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you wouldn't understand... it's a carbon based lifeform thing

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doesn't compiling linux with the GNU compiler make it GNU/linux regardless of included utilities, making alipine a GNU/linux distro :blobcatthink: :blobcatthinkOwO: :blobcatthinking: :blobhyperthink: :blobthinking: :blobthinkingcool: :blobthinkingfast: :blobthinkingglare: :blobthinkingsmirk: :blue_fishthink: :bunthink: :catThink: :eugen_think: :face_think_mind_blown: :face_think_shit: :face_think_smirk: :face_think_starry_eyes: :face_think_thonking: :face_think_trans: :garnet_thinking: :megathink: :ms_thinking: :ms_thinking_fire: :owosneakythink: :rainbowthink: :think_bread: :thinkerguns: :thinkergunsunglasses: :thinkhappy: :thinking_eggplant: :thinking_ie: :thinking_rms: :thinking_rotate: :thinkless: :thinknyan: :yaranaikathink: :thojne:

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piping random scripts from the internet into bash is the worst way of installing things. imagine if there was an operating system where this was the main way of installing things, and people just googled the program name, clicked the first link, and ran an executable file with admin permissions. imagine that

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Excuse me??? Not only do I have to wait *a few minutes*, but I have to do it again in http? Thanks, forbes.

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Man: Prometheus, may i have fire?

Prometheus: to pursue knowledge and art?

Man: yessss

Man: [actually destroys the environment like a boss]

Suddenly very sad that else statements after for loops don't exist in C

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"Heh, remember iframes?" you chuckle to yourself, reminiscing, "remember those?"

Your coworker looks at you with a quizzical look. "Iframes? We still use those all over the site."

You glance at the calendar. It is 2006.

"Oh-Oh no.." You stammer.

"Anyway, it looks like we're gonna have to take those transparent PNGs off the homepage," your coworker continues, "it looks like internet explorer doesn't support them."

You would scream, but only bonzi buddy would hear

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Alternative Big O notation:

O(1) = O(yeah)
O(log n) = O(nice)
O(n) = O(ok)
O(n²) = O(my)
O(2ⁿ) = O(no)
O(n!) = O(mg!)

Thank glob for googling serial numbers on weird chips you find in your devices to find out what they are.

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I'm not one to rage on things and usually try to stay in the positive side of opinion-based tech stuff BUT:
Please, advertising people and youtubers, stop selling VPNs as privacy solutions!!!!! They're not and can't be. At best they mitigate tracking when used well, at worst they increase tracking by encouraging reckless behavior.

Yay! First time getting locked out of my VPS. Changed my ssh port from 22 and forgot to change the firewall settings. Oops.

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How do you get into "the zone"?

We all have that process through which we can reach our best thinking, the one we hold sacred. Or maybe you're still experimenting, what are you on now? What works for you?

Boost for more diverse answers :)

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. . . as if the targeted advertisements on facebook couldn't get any creepier.

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I hope @Purism knows that people don't like what they are doing with PIA

#Librem5 #Purism #PIA

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