**Iran arrests group planning unrest at Tehran universities: Intelligence Ministry**

"Leaders of a group planning unrest at universities in Tehran this weekend have been arrested, Iranian authorities said on Tuesday, adding that many of the 2,021 people detained in the area …"


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I appriceate that Elon Musk made his new truck low-poly for those who don't have amazing graphics.

What if I told you.. that I am one of the last consumer to use Internet Explorer 6?

Nayego is a modern team chat for organisations and communities


Yes, it is based on XMPP and is open source

If, like me, you're a user of , they have just started a blog for tutorials, tips/tricks and such!

Ok Fosstodon let me ask you a real question.

I'm designing an MA module where students should come out with a broad conceptual basis for analysing and critiquing social media platforms. What general conceptual areas do you think are important for this?

So far I've got...
1. Data ownership
2. Code ownership
3. Structure (central/decentral/matrix)
4. Security, surveillance.
5. Legal jurisdiction.
6. Content moderation
7. Gamification
... these can all be changed!
Thoughts so welcome.

It's always good to see this kind of initiatives and investment finally taking place at the city that will host the Web Summit for the next decade.

A new coworking hub for tech startups is emerging at the capital city of Portugal in an old (7000 m²) industrial confectionery building. The application period for the rehabilitation of the building opened yesterday and will remain open until 22/November. The renovations themselves should start in early 2020 and last for about 1 year.
Factory (german startup incubator), Mercedes and Web Summit have shown interest in the project.

Watch: Violent clashes between Hong Kong protesters and police rocked the city for a second straight day on Tuesday. Schools were shut down, roads closed and train services disrupted. on.wsj.com/2XcN514 

Original: twitter.com/WSJ/status/1194355
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An instance's insularity score is the fraction of mentions that are directed towards users on the same instance.

There are a lot of very insular instances!

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