Hi everybody!
So, I just found this 'old' Asus tablet (I don't even know the model, it's charging up atm) that my dad stopped using because it was kind of slow.
I was thinking maybe I can get it running something other than Android?
Does anybody has tried something like this before?

OpenVidu is an open-source platform for video calling and conferencing openvidu.io/

Notion, the best crossplatform project and personal organizer out there (imo) is hiring!
Check their job postings:

Nice 👏

From August 3rd all new apps on Google Play that access background location will need to be reviewed.

From November 2nd all existing apps including apps made by Google that request background location will need to be approved or will be removed.


New NodeTube instance up at newtube.app

This one should have very good performance compared to the last one since it's on new infrastructure

I wish there was a strong black market for printer ink, I would gladly buy ink refills from back alleys and dive bars.

I just saw the news that Twitter is going to introduce some of Mastodon's features soon! 😆
It seems to me that if they are doing this, it probably is because Mastodon is doing something good.

**Iran arrests group planning unrest at Tehran universities: Intelligence Ministry**

"Leaders of a group planning unrest at universities in Tehran this weekend have been arrested, Iranian authorities said on Tuesday, adding that many of the 2,021 people detained in the area …"


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