I find one of the lewdbot to be bordering on posting creepy stuff

so you end up cutting the country in 2 or 3 weakened by a Civil war . I guess the coup attempt is successful from the POV of any geostrategic competitor. Those are useful Idiots attempting an idiot coup ?

I feel the coup is going to work ... fuck ...

peoples are inquiring about the nuclear launch procedures and protocols. This is fine

somethings are worthy of various level of admiration. Nothing is worthy of adoration.

USPOL holly shit @ the whole situation. Feels like a mirror event for the Berlin wall fall ...

damn is mastodon an avatar for Ganesh ?

so raider of the lost ark has the first snake on a plane reference ?

no other option than dubbed in French on amazon.fr ? giving up

Kronos has potential to be bad
maybe worse than Oblivion ?

I miss books, I probably read more in word volume today but it's almost only tweets or very recently TooTs

in Foucauld's pendulum (as I vaguely recall it) Umberto E. tells the story of a guy inventing an ancestral conspiracy (the Rose-Croix) only to see people materialize that actually call themselves Rose-Croix. Will the Q person have the same effect ? Maybe the sealed indictments fpr 40k Dem and Anti trumps people are becoming real ?

sorry for the shitty translation (French native speaker here)

reading on French twitter a Camus quote (didn't verify) : When democracy is sick, fascism comes to it's bed side, just not to help cure it.

is Morgan freeman getting eaten by a shark anytime soon ?

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