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Numerous class-action lawsuits have been filed against companies using nepotism tactics to undervalue those who serve the company. Not a single class-action lawsuit has been taken to proceedings in court, dismissed because these gig-economy "jobs" are not contracts of employment for those various people who fulfill these services.

My rule of thumb is as such:
1) Do NOT use those apps, or participate in the gig-economy.

2) If you do use those apps, TIP in CASH! The currency with little tracking

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Most free (libre) software is also gratis, but not all! Some free software costs money, but with it comes all of the freedoms to share with your neighbor and make modifications! Buying free software ensures that our traditions can continue, and donating to gratis projects does the same.

We are not truly free until we can help our neighbors and resist exploitation in all walks of life. Keep fighting the good fight, and the fight for free software!

Today marks 800 followers on Telegram, and 200 followers on Mastodon! Thank you to everybody who has helped make @gnupropaganda such a success. Free software will continue to liberate us for as long as we stand by it!

This week GNU Guix has reached its first stable 1.0 release! Guix is a package manager that you can use on your own distribution, or you can use the full system configuration as a complete distribution of the GNU operating system! Among other incredible features include the GNU Shepherd PID-1 and service manager, containerization, functionally-oriented packages, rollbacks, incremental upgrades, declarative configuration, bootstrappability, reproducibility, and freedom!

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