Recently, Github has restricted people from Iran, Syria, and other regions from accessing their private repositories and the static website host Github Pages.

Free and ethical technology use denounces such crony nepotism oppressing individuals from practicing technological liberties and hacker culture. Please consider using as your new host for your projects. Sourcehut is 100% libre, composable, Javascript-free, and does not track you at all!

Gitea is also easy to host yourself if you want a Github like experience.

To any golang devs out there who would want to work on ActivityPub for Gitea, that would make it the king of the hill. Account on one instance and you're good to go on all Gitea instances. Just a suggestion.

#golang #git #gitea #activitypub #federation

@patchman @gnupropaganda How is the CI story? Drone was in the middle of a big rewrite last time I tried to deploy Gitea.

@remram44 @patchman @gnupropaganda Drone is definitely usable now and better min many ways than before the rewrite, but it still feels a bit incomplete at times.

I’ve been using it successfully nonetheless.

@gnupropaganda @patchman
I've been thinking more about the Gitea federation thing and I believe the only thing that needs to work is that each Gitea instance is also an OpenID provider.

This would solve the problem of needing multiple logins. You just give a remote Gitea instance the url to your account on your local Gitea instance.

As many projects hosted like this don't have mailing lists for request-pull and issues. We rely on the pull-request and issue tracker features of Gitea.


Is it related to the fact that GitHub is owned by Microsoft, an USA based company that must comply with their country laws, be they stupid as fuck ?

@Xipiryon @gnupropaganda
Probably, but then Github was a US company (San Francisco) prior to the Microsoft acquisition anyway.

This is not recent in my knowledge unfortunately. Good to know that there are alternatives

@gnupropaganda I have to say I don't think anyone's entitled to use of GitHub's (virtual) servers. If GitHub won't/can't provide them they can host with someone else.

Though I'd definitely encourage people to not flock to GitHub like they have been, and try out some alternatives. The problem with GitHub is (mostly) that we're all using it.

@gnupropaganda I wouldn't blame GitHub for this. It's not their fault. That email right there says it's U.S. trade control laws. So the real issue here is the U.S. restricting what people can do online.

It seems like people who have problems with GitHub may have problems with Sourcehut (, not self hosted) too.

@gnupropaganda @brown121407

There is this popular one hosted in the Czech Republic.

The real issue though is how to work with projects that are hosted on github, if you are blocked from github.

@gnupropaganda Sourcehut is US based too, so that won't change anything. The solution to not get a victim of sanctions is self-hosting or chosing a provider from your region.

@gnupropaganda Which is why you should use or host #independent #infrastructure. Rent a VM, unite across borders, ask others for help, run #Gitea, sync across multiple repos. The web is distributed by design. Make use of it!

@gnupropaganda Isn't US-based as well? Their availability for people in Syria, Iran etc is just contingent of the platform remaining under the radar of the treasury's OFAC, and they can be pretty nasty.

The only solution to this type of sanctions is self hosting.

@feld @gnupropaganda It's important to note "sourcehut" is a software project that you can host anywhere yourself. is an instance of sourcehut, hosted by the creator, which, according to it's financial report, has two datacenter locations: Philadelphia and San Francisco.

@rune @gnupropaganda oh so this is literally an advertisement for sourcehut by people who just learned what state sanctions and trade embargoes are.

@feld @gnupropaganda I guess I didn't think about it when first reading the post. obviously isn't beyond those same sanctions due to it's location...

it's kinda comparing a piece of software to a service provider, which doesn't make sense unless they mean for self hosting.

@rune @gnupropaganda yeah it's a bizarre post. We previously removed developer accounts in the FreeBSD project because they were from Iran. Thankfully with legal council's guidance we've brought them back to the project, but even open source isn't immune to these things.

These restrictions have existed for more than ten years, by the way. Sourceforge did the same in 2009.

It's great you're adding to the diverse range of code hosting options.

Seems like this is an issue of Github being affected by USA trade laws though, which could likely affect Sourcehut similarly?

Sourcehut is hosted in Philly & SanFran so I'm assuming it's a US-based service, but the signup pages etc don't give details.

Is there a reason could not have the same trade limitations applied?

@gnupropaganda why am I posting at an account with "propaganda" in the title ffs

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