@gnupropaganda I am writing proprietary software and am a good human. From those 5 points three are shit. Thank you!


Nowhere has it been stated that one reason is a prerequisite of other.

And just as a sidenote, calling someones art shit isn't really going in your favour of claiming you're a good person..

@Marmiln @gnupropaganda it's not like the post said those attributes applied to free software exclusively. They all do apply to free software, and are decent reasons to participate. None of the points are shit just because they also work for programming in general.

@gnupropaganda could you please share some kind of editable files of your posters? like .svg or something. I'd like to translate these to polish and spread further.

@gnupropaganda hi Do you have the same image but horizontally? or can share svg or something?

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