@gnupropaganda Well, quite seriously, it *is* a crime in many countries. Whether or not it is right or not is another matter.

@masterofthetiger @gnupropaganda From the context it clear this image was made working from the perspective of the latter.

@gnupropaganda that being said, pay the artists directly too so they can keep doing culture and not have to do something else!

or even better, end capitalism

@gnupropaganda The first thing that always goes in a dictatorship is the arts. The ruling class begins to decide which arts are acceptable and which are not, as well as who is entitled to enjoy such arts.

Funny how putting arts behind paywalls is common practice. People in abject poverty can't enjoy art, like a selection process. Then there's the way many artists are denied a proper audience. Artists and viewers alike are weeded out if they dare go against the privileged classes.

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