@gnupropaganda I agree with this point completely. I think it should be possible to build an electron replacement using the Firefox engine. When developers choose electron, they also choose WebKit which further proliferates the use of one html toolkit... Which further encourages web developers to optimise for WebKit than for the truly open web.

I'm willing to work on a Firefox based ethical and free-er electron replacement!

@gnupropaganda (flawed) Counterpoint: All Electron apps are open source by default because they run JavaScript, an interpreted language that’s easy to modify, and have easy to change HTML and CSS. You could probably build a tool that replaces the chromium blob with your own for best freedom(tm).

@njha @gnupropaganda

Open google.com -> right click -> view page source

Enjoy the editable source code 🙃

@BloomKitty @gnupropaganda

As far as I know, Riot.im in the browser is free. It is when it is used via the electron application where ethical problems arise.


There is other clients, but I dont know how good they are compared to riot.im

@BloomKitty @gnupropaganda

@gnupropaganda well sure... but would you give me some alternatives that work almost identially to GitKraken, VSCode/Codium and Discord?
Oh yea, and I need to be able to use Discord to communicate with friends :)

So make a version of Electron with the proprietary parts removed, wouldn't that solve the issue?

@ScumbagDog @gnupropaganda

Unfortunately that is unlikely to happen because of trademark issues with chromium and electron.

Hint for arch linux users:
Edit /etc/pacman.conf and replace "#IgnorePkg =" by "IgnorePkg = electron electron2" and remove them, if installed

Wait, does this mean that my application is non free since it uses electron? It is GPL-3.0 licensed.

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