@brettgilio @gnupropaganda

And GNU is not part of every Linux distribution such as Adélie Linux and Alpine Linux etc? 😉

@brettgilio @gnupropaganda

Don't know about any points but...

When will the HURD be going for everyday use? It has been 30 years has it not?

So, i think Linux is pretty relevant for GNU existence?

@Linux @gnupropaganda sure it is. I don't disagree with you. I don't dispute that Linux is a big component of GNU. It just isn't relevant for most of the posters I post to this account :).

@brettgilio @gnupropaganda

Why not give it a credit though then? Maybe a tiny little puny penguin on the bottom corner or some? :linux:

@Linux @gnupropaganda all of these posters are CC-BY-SA 4. You are welcome to customize and share them as you wish. You don't even have to credit me. My motivations for not including Linux in the posters is because I am more interested in promoting GNU, and there is GNU without Linux. Many components of GNU run on Windows, macOS, BSD. There is a difference between GNU awareness and awareness of GNU/Linux.

@brettgilio @gnupropaganda

Sure, i do comprehend that.

Do you use Linux with GNU though, in your everyday computing?

Or do you rely on Hurd under the GNU hood?

Genuinely curious.

@Linux @gnupropaganda I use GuixSD, which uses the modified Linux-libre kernel. So GNU with Linux for sure.

@brettgilio @gnupropaganda

So, it could be said, that you would go without GNU in essence. But not without Linux the kernel? :blobthinkingeyes:

@Linux @gnupropaganda Again, what is your point? I've already said that Linux is an important part of many users of GNU.

@brettgilio @gnupropaganda

No point other than your "propaganda poster" flashed my eye. No mention of Linux in it.

Customizable or not. It is obvious that you are dependent on Linux in your computing, so i find it weird leaving that one out even on a miniscule manner :thinkhappy:

@Linux @gnupropaganda Stay tuned. I will be mentioning Tux in some posters more directly related to GNU/Linux. Thank you for your input regardless :).

@JeffGallo @gnupropaganda a few people have asked for this to be made into a sticker. I would prefer it if the FSF or somebody could take care of that as I'd be more than happy to let them and they can keep all revenue. If you or somebody knows how to get in contact with the FSF let me know (I am the owner of the gnu propaganda account)

@brettgilio @gnupropaganda its a great design, and I want it on the lid of my laptop. Unfortunately I don’t have the contacts you’re hoping to make. Keep up the great work.

@JeffGallo @gnupropaganda if something comes around about the possibility of stickers, I will let you know.

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