Our sensitive and private health information belongs to us! It should not be put into large proprietary software and servers. is a human health issue!

"Our sensitive and private health information belongs to us!"

IMO, exact same thing goes for our own DNA information as part of those pay-to-play testing and diagnoses kits requiring us to mail out our cell-tissue samples for remote analyses.

"It should not be put into large proprietary software and servers"

Furthermore, Who really knows **all** the hands our individual DNA information are passing thru and what foreign "software and servers" are ultimately owning, storing and leveraging (marketing? blackmailing?) our cumulative DNA information?? 😠

People have tried to stick FOSS in UK's infrastructure for ages. Some have said managers allowed it only as a bargaining tool to get Microsoft to lower the per-machine price on licences.

Still, I'm seeing movement, and hope to see it in my lifetime:

One good sign is that currently I'm in Serbia, and a number of machines already run LXDE.

@gnupropaganda And I'll go a step further. Our sensitive and private health information is also necessary to pool with researchers, but in a safe way. We can't do that right now with existing tools. Doing so will be critical to the most important issue for women: #softwarefreedom is crucial to the most important women's health issue.

@jeffcliff Isn't women living longer than men an embarrassment of riches?
@moonman @jeffcliff wamen should live longer than men even when other factors are accounted for. It's a trend among most species on this planet. X chromosome is linked with longevity in general.

@mono @moonman then again, so is being protected from predators by males. . .

@gnupropaganda Looks like an invitation poster to play doctor in the local kindergarten.

I believe that a bunch of fat bearded old men would pass as a paedophile assembly, so try to not get them arrested.

@gnupropaganda trying to achieve this goals working into the goverment health systems.. And os really hard top achieve.

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