Hi, I'm Graeme , from North West England.

I worked in IT for many years, but became tired of the "mainstream" industry and big data companies.

I am a big advocate, believing in the freedom to control our own data in the cloud and on our devices, supporting people where I can with this. Long term user, tinkerer, enthusiast.

Hoping there's lots of like-minded people here on fosstodon!

@glc You will find like-minded people on some other instances - conncected to yours - also. :) I think if openBSD instance is connected to your instance you will find pretty decent people here. Oh, and welcome to the Fediverse, have a nice stay.

Welcome @glc ! We're glad to have you. @FLauenroth is right, you'll find a great group of like-minded folks, here. Check my profile for some links on getting started and info regarding the Fosstodon instance. 😀

@glc Welcome to Fediverse! You'll find awesome people not only from Fosstodon instamce but from others as well! This is the main point of Fediverse after all: to connect people with different interests together :blob_cat:

@glc welcome, sounds like you will fit right in here. Also nice to see someone else from the North West. I’m very close to Liverpool.

@kev Thanks! Lake district here but with family ties to Liverpool, spent muth time there, still feels like home on a visit.


Hi Graeme, welcome to Mastodon! We actually have a lot of people interested in these topics!

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@glc welcome to Fosstodon. There is a lot to see here and your passion for IT and computers is very welcome here. I hope you find this space resourceful and joyful. We all want to have more control on our personal data and want a safer web. Cheers!

@glc welcome. You will be right at home. Fosstodon was my first fedi instance after i got really serious about using mastodon as my primary social media

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