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Hi, I'm Graeme , from North West England.

I worked in IT for many years, but became tired of the "mainstream" industry and big data companies.

I am a big advocate, believing in the freedom to control our own data in the cloud and on our devices, supporting people where I can with this. Long term user, tinkerer, enthusiast.

Hoping there's lots of like-minded people here on fosstodon!

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I made a flow chart of which #Mastodon posts end up in which timelines!

So, you can see how each instance will have a different local timeline, and even a slightly different federated timeline - and you can see why the federated timeline moves so much faster than the local one, too.


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A public announcement to all of Fosstodon:
You guys are awesome. I tried 3 Mastodon instances already and this one is the only one, where I actually prefer to browse Local feed instead of my personal Home.

Kudos @kev @mike @cooper @joseph @codesections @lee8oi @ohyran @Gina for managing this!
I love my daily dose of loosely FOSS-themed bait :)

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Factor 5's #Turrican is finally back after 30 years of dormancy! #gamescom2020 #Turrican30th The pre-order will be announced during @gamescom ONL - then immediately go live at our store.

🎙️ Opening Night Live

🔹 🔹

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KILLER stream yesterday. Apollo OS is awesome, Tiny Bobble is great, AmigaPower album rocks, and Golden Wing boxed edition is top quality! Here is the replay. #commodore #amiga #commodoreamiga #vampire #retrogamer #retrogaming #AmigaBill REPLAY:

MS Onedrives "ransomware" detection is causing chaos for Cryptomator users, flagging the AES encrypted files as ransomware. If you are a Cryptomator user (or any enryption user in the cloud) please support this petition to make the "protection" optional.

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Let's not forget that was a platform originally created to track and exploit the women who went to Zuckerburg's college. If you are on , I don't think you need any additional motivation to get off of it.

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Ubuntu Mate with GUI official download beta 1. Raspberry Pi 4 Desktopify.

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Federated Filters and Tagging People have been successfully tested and will roll out later this week! 🥳


Hi all, I have a Windows 10 - Desktop sharing question.

I do teaching sessions with 2-3 apprentices in Excel. Usually id just sit with them and share a mouse, but due to Covid I'm looking for ways to share the screen.

Can anyone recommend a desktop sharing application that works well on a LAN?

Theres no need for audio/video as ill be in the same room.

Ideally this will be free, internal, not require a microsoft account signin (i believe this rules out MS quickassist?)

Any suggestions?

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I've seen lots of posts and opinions recently about how email is broken, mainly due to (I think) the rise of Hey.

Here are my thoughts...

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Day 59 of the Series:

I didn't have the time I wanted to really put this through it's paces today, so I wrote up a really quick less than 300 words opinion of UbuntuDDE.

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Overall, would certainly recommend @Tutanota as a privacy-respecting, reasonably priced alternative to the likes of Gmail, and could see it going great places usability-wise. Some gripes but nothing to make me regret the move so far.

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If #Google knew everything about you, they would’ve stopped listening to everything you say.

Look no further than your #email system for today’s #surveillancesaturday.

If you know that your #GMail & others are data-mined, is it entirely “on them” that your #privacy is undermined?

Be an active participant in your goal to remain private.

Avoid #surveillancecapitalism by choosing to make (sometimes difficult) decisions. Give your money to better companies with products that respect you more.

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I really like the toot feed I get from people I follow. I also like the instance feed. The global feed not that much since it's chaos 😀 I like that you can simply block an annoying bot/reposter-maniac and continue enyoing the content. Don't remember being on a such well self-curated platform ever. Also people are nice and helpful no matter what topic discussed. Kudos to all of you making it a welcome place! 👋

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Microsoft Confirms June Windows 10 Update Could Crash Systems

Microsoft Confirms June Windows 10 Update Could Crash Systems, Pushing Them to Restart Due to Critical System Process Failure, Code c0000008

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"There’s Now an Even Worse Anti-Encryption Bill Than EARN IT"

Get your IT business out of the US. This needs to have an impact on the economy.

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German court stops Facebook's data collection mania, which is a direct attack on Facebook's business model of harvesting everyone's data. 💪

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