Ive been using Rclone a lot recently to manage Cloud storage. I can honestly say its probably the biggest time (and bandwidth) saving tool I've used.

The most useful feature is the ability to "check" integrity of files. The remote files have their md5 checksums generated server side, then compared to local files.

I have a 100gb photos backup that takes under 20 minutes to verify on a home broadband connection.

No dealing with horrible electron sync apps either!

Neverwinter (enhanced edition) is working fine on Mint21.

X3 was a little more complicated for a few reasons. 32 bit build and there was a number of dependency issues when launching it.

Egosoft/GOG have shipped it with a /game/lib folder and some of the libraries are not even correct versions. Luckily by removing the affected libraries, the executable goes looking in system paths.

The game is still sold, so its disappointing nobody has fixed the installer or updated the readme . Easy fix...

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X3 Reunion and Neverwinter Nights are a games I've had since release, but never spent much time with.

I've recently bought both digitally as native Linux builds.
For such complex games, I'm glad to still have the printed manuals.

This is straight from the bullseye apt repo, so would probably run smoother with a rebuild specific for the cortex A72.

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Morrowind on the 4 .

Getting a respectable 20-25fps at 2/3 draw distance with the OpenMW engine. I'm sure its running smoother than the Original XBOX version.

I'm still working my way through talks. Such a variety of great content.

Just finished watching A Brief History of Yugoslav Computing, by @mejs

It's so interesting seeing the early years of networking and computing from different parts of the world.

Thanks for a great talk @mejs


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Me thinking: Is F**k you copilot a reasonable response?

Does anyone have experience with using and ?
It looks like it can bridge a channel via a bot .

What I'm really interested in is a way to use Talk to interact with "direct messages"-not channels on discord.

Does anyone know if there's a way to do this?

I have friends on there but refuse to install the intrusive android client.

Made the mistake of updating my desktop Appimage , which apparently doesn't store login data anymore for the last 3 minor releases.

Back to 3.5.1 for me. 🤷‍♂️

When looking up people who also use Twitter, I'm always saddened how many Bot services show up that mirror accounts.

A few issues with this.
1. They are run with no permission from the original owner.
2. Some are outdated, holding historical posts or accounts that the author has deleted. Not exactly GDPR compliant!

Given there's a lot of "control your own data" and "privacy" ethos in the fediverse, I'm surprised some of these these get followed and boosted, rather than blocked and reported.

This is the only social platform I will click on Trending topics and not regret it. looks really interesting.

Keeping cool through the latest heatwave with some low powered entertainment.

My Picade , running a Raspberry Pi 3b+, Sanwa controls and a 4:3 1024/768 screen.
Outrun shown running on the open source Cannonball engine.

A weekend of Vintage Computing livestreams from 2021 has just begun on their Youtube Channel.


The and compatibles emulator ZEsarUX 10.0 "Sir Clive Edition" has been released. Its a really nice update, and should keep me busy until my eventually shows up. github.com/chernandezba/zesaru


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