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Would anyone be interested in hearing about our adventure? We''re a feminist non-profit in the midst of migrating from Windows to : servers and desktops! We try to be as as possible, for ethical, security and privacy reasons.

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There should be such a thing like European funding for free software development.

Sometimes PC's need a little encouragement to start the week.

For weeks now my life has been heartbreak, alcohol, bad dates, pizza, laughter and lots of tears. I genuinely loved someone, he had other priorities. Such is life.

I allowed myself a break(down) to work through the pain. Although it still hurts, it's time to not feel sorry for myself anymore. Tomorrow I'm starting crossfit again. I'm eating healthy again. And I'll keep going on. It's that simple. ❤️

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Tutorial: Build a simple chat app with Site.js

I want to take you step-by-step through building and running a basic chat app using Site.js. It’s much easier than you think, so fire up a terminal window, grab your code editor, and let’s get started!

Sysadmin trigger warning 

Just heard from my manager that we definitely won't be going to this year. Not enough budget 😢💔

Driving to Germany today with friends for a weekend of outside. 💪💪

Gutes Wochenende all!

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In honor of World Mental Health day and our organisation's focus on , I've opened a new channel in our Rocketchat called "How are you?" It's meant to give coworkers a judgement-free place to talk about how they are doing, how work is going, how we can help each other, how the organisation can facilitate selfcare better etc.

@libreoffice do you perhaps have suggestions on how best to tackle this?

update. I just had a session with colleagues about / compatibility issues. It's pretty dire. Formatting in Word docs is regularly erased, Excel sheets are seeing strange bugs, and Powerpoints especially are completely ruined.

I'm wondering what the best and most time efficient way is to tackle these issues. Do we post on forums waiting for a response, do we submit tickets with Collabora, or do we find consultants from the LibreOffice community to help us out?

Ngggh I want to get serious with my retreat idea but I'm stuck. I've taken business courses before. I know how to write a business plan, do market research, create cost and revenue models, target group identification, etc. I've even found a way to get investments. I'm pretty sure I can make this work.

Yet I completely freeze every time I think of the most basic part: location. 🌍

The hardest part about starting a business that doesn't exist yet is the doubt about whether it doesn't exist because there's no demand for it.

I I'll probably document our adventures soon, but for now I'm still wrapped up in my retreat idea.

Do you ever listen to a 🔥🔥 song and dance through your office like the weirdo that you are, and then realize that the neighbors across the road have been watching and laughing the whole time? 😅

Just found this article about Greenpeace becoming an 'open source' organisation. Quite ironic, since a few months ago I met one of their principal IT managers, who openly mocked our efforts to use and IT in-house. Greenpeace relies 100% on Google's Gsuite. Any comparison with fair trade coffee was met with a "yeah but this is easier, we just don't care about Google's dubious side."

Guys do you think I should sign us up for Fosdem'20 to talk about our /#FOSS adventure? Would anyone be interested in hearing about this IRL?

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