Printers are bad. Printers on Linux are worse. I hardly ever want to print, but when I do, no doubt there's a bunch of drivers or config I have to do.

@gidorah Last time I set up a printer on Linux I just installed CUPS, asked it to look for IPP printers, and autoconfigured it and then it just worked. Last time I set up a printer on Windows I had to juggle two or three different drivers, "port" configurations, and some kind of networking issue and then it still didn't work.

Not that these are universal patterns, but it's extremely variable mostly depending on the printers themselves.

@alexbuzzbee Yeah, I get that. I mean, none of it is easy. I am using a hp printer. Debian couldn't find drivers from software, so found hplp from the hp developers website, then just run the script.

I'll rephrase: printers are the worst.

@gidorah That's fun, I've installed my printer (a Brother multi-function laser color) in a second on Fedora with the Brother installation script. Including remote scanner functions.

And when I've tried to install it on Windows 10 with the horrible Brother crapware-saturated setup, it never worked. 😅

@Wivik This printer literally only prints in B&W or colour. So fortnuately, has limited functionality.

Still, it *only* took 45 mins to print a single side of A4.

@gidorah That's always impressive to see after decades, printers are still not plug and play.

@gidorah As long as I delete and recreate the printer every few months when it stops working, and tolerate duplicate phantom entries in the printer list that break things if I delete them, and don't stress when I forget how to see the print queue, it Just Works.

(I have also observed a strong inverse correlation between how often I print and how much of my "printing" time involves troubleshooting.)

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