After a lot of digging, it appears to be Spotify. I'm not exactly sure why it suddenly started as it is only today that it has been doing it. Spotify was updated about 4 days ago, so just seems odd that it would start now. Must be a bug I guess.

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My phone running /e/ is currently calling every few seconds. The calls are being caught by the PiHole, however, nothing is coming up on tracker control.

The traffic started a few hours ago, and I have no idea where it is coming from. Where do I even begin?

Ok, so I now have a PiHole comissioned. How do I reaearcb what should or should not block? Many addresses I check don't resolve in a browser. Where is a good place to start?

I bought a Fairphone4 and am running /e/. It feels a bit of a chonk in the hand, but substantial.

/e/ takes a bit of getting used to, as it is quite like iOS. I'm not exactly sure who it is aimed for, as it has low customisation (so maybe less computer literate types?) but is more complex to flash.

At any rate, makes for a change against usual Android ROMs.

@kev I am using simple.css for the first time. It's pretty good - thanks!

How frequently does the Mastodon server verify profile links?

Bye bye pop_os and kubuntu! Hello Debian, my old friend.

I've been sorting my WHF desk. Monitor and desk are wall mounted. I put an LED strip round the monitor for good video lighting, and a shelf for PC and laptop. DO NOT LOOK AT THE MESSY CABLES.

Nearly all small businesses do not have period management in their accounting software. This is a problem.

I have an SD card that I want to format. I *think* it was set as Android internal storage, however, I cannot remember.

To format, I have tried:
- gparted
- Gnome Disks
- dd
- Rufus (on Windows)

None seem to work. Does anyone have any pointers?

Pretty sure that every week that goes by, another E2EE, decentralized, super-duper chat app appears. Does it interoperate with any of others? Does it fu..

I am making my way thru the Dune books. I find it really jarring that the main characters are called Paul and Jessica. There are so many fantasy names, it makes it really hard to build up a mental picture!

Back in Feb, I discussed tracking energy usage in bookkeeping software with @yarmo and I have now written up my suggestion:

I'm taking a look at Google Search console (boo!). Some spammy looking bitcoin domain is pointed at my VPS IP address via an A record. Is there anything that I can do to either have some fun, or remove the link?

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