People who block Javascript!

How do you browse the internet at all? I've had a go with Noscript on FF, but I basically have to unblock everything. Is there a trick I'm missing?

I am assuming that many people here are the IT lead in their homes or families. What would happen if you were no longer around to support?

In my household, if I got sick or something it would be hard to access my pc to get family photos.

I am considering printing some instructions to keep with my will, you know, in case. Any non-technical, secure solutions out there?

Printers are bad. Printers on Linux are worse. I hardly ever want to print, but when I do, no doubt there's a bunch of drivers or config I have to do.

I found this in a box in my office. It is the Geeksphone Keon, one of the few Firefox OS devices. If I recall correctly, I used is as my primary device in 2013.

I think I screwed up the Spoify algorithm.

Daily mix 1:
Green Day

I wanted to have a go at dual-booting thing, but ran into issues. Is anyone able to help?

I have a Librem 13, with an 256gb SSD (Operating System) and a 1tb SSD (/home). They are both encrypted. I was struggling to install any additional OS's on the smaller SSD, I think because it is encrpted. Any tips to try?

What drives battery consumption between different operating systems?

My Librem 13 had much better battery life with Fedora (Gnome) compared to Debian (Gnome). I'm finding it hard to understand what is driving the usage, given the similar setup.


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