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She cunningly digs a trap, and then patiently waits for her quarry.

Behold! The World's first ! and @xpil, too! 😜

Trees of the Northeast U.S. shrouded in the ghostly remains of their West Coast kin.

What on Earth have we done? What on Earth are we doing?

Apparently there's some kind of kerfluffle over who has and doesn't have a verified account on twitter. Sounds like cliques and clubs in high school to me. I must ask verified by who? Why?

Anyway, I don't really care since I've never had an account there. Here, with Mastodon, you're verified by the people who follow you. That's all that really matters.

A strange little indeed.
3-minute time-lapse video.
Open CV for position.
Magnetometer for attitude.
& for Nav.
Nano for control.
Air freshener ionizers for thrust.

My child has been gnawing my ear off trying to get a better graphics card.

Too bad, so sad 😂

I think one of my greatest fears as a parent is that another parent will see our messy house and then rat us out to child welfare.

was without question the most incredible humans ever created. Probably half of all sightings can be attributed directly to it? 🤔

and no, has not assigned a case manager, or taken any action whatsoever in 4 weeks.

It seems like their strategy with customers may be to throw them to their . We would have stuck by them if they had just shown they care.

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My sweetie's died 4 weeks ago. She stole my 500e and left me with the worn out we were trying to sell.

I miss the gobs of torque, the silent power, but most of all I miss never having to stop and pump gas.

If you haven't driven an EV yet I think you're in for a treat.

The vaccines are all effective against the Delta variant of Covid.


The longer there is a pool of unvaccinated people in the U.S., the greater the opportunity for a mutation that *is* resistant to the vaccines. That variant will then be able to spread at will, nearly as if we had started over. 

Or worse, the thing could mutate to become more dangerous to children. 

Please get your vaccines, people. We need to stamp this thing out while we have the chance, and for that, you have to do your part. #GetVaccinated

It's not just about you. Experts say getting a Covid-19 vaccine protects everyone around you:

In all my years of tracking Atlantic tropical systems I have never seen one forecast to strengthen once the eye was over land.

Spacecraft Normal Bitterness Curve has kept me going through numerous aerospace campaigns through many long years. I'll wager it is just as applicable to your field.

My new rule: Try not to engage with anyone from the federated timeline. Just stay here, nice and safe on . or as I like to think of it, The Shire.

My poor sweetie tried to drive her from NY to TX for a family emergency. It died halfway there in TN. It has been almost 3 weeks now and has taken no action. This is starting to suck.

Many things conspired against me during my 8-day Gulf of Mexico adventure, but Remoras?!? Come on. Give me a break! 😂

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