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meteor shower vs Full Sturgeon super tonight. Well dang it. That’s a bad combo if you want to see meteors. 😵

Biked to the bridge over the river to pick up trash. Picked up so much I barely made it home! I even scored a bra 😳

But it doesn’t count as ! If you have a secondary mission it’s not exercise! So I still have a perfect score. . 🦧

The air conditioner in our Cape Cod motel room has a cool display!…..that is not terribly sleep inducing. 😂

Most of the time I’d like to think she’s laughing with me.

But in point of fact she’s usually laughing at me.

Never the less, I find her irresistible when she laughs. 😍

The has been going strong on about 2 acres for 3 years now. So far I have been dumbfoundedly ecstatic! The birds, chipmunks and woodchucks just step out of its path now.

My Sweetie, first name Dee, sent the in for repair. When she got it back she realized she forgot to remove its name tag my son had stuck on it 😱😂

TFW Sir Isaac Newton stabs you in the back
Don’t worry. The Ash Boring Beetle had long ago killed the tree 😵

Working outside. Got real . Too hot for , too early for . Guess that strands me with water 😭
Never thought my life could unravel so quickly 🦧

Think of the hundreds of years of , then rendered into , that enabled of all sorts, that kept spinning the wheel of to get to where we are today.

I can sit here on my fat ass, dry as a bone, drinking listening live, to educated people explain what that little stalk-like thingy is at the bottom of the Midatlantic Ridge. I am humbled and amazed.

What a wonderful world we live in, if we can just choose to hang on to it.

Taking vitamins with beer feels like I’m just treading water 💩

The Verrazano Narrows Bridge looked incredible this evening from Coney Island Creek where I anchored my

I’m anchored in Coney Island Creek, in New York. I had to sail in and anchor without the diesel because it’s fresh water pump bearings failed about 40 miles after I left Cape May NJ. between container ships, barges and such disturbs my calm.

My wife is delivering a new water pump to me tomorrow. I hope I don’t drag anchor because of the severe storms moving through now.

One happy note, the solar panels on the back of the kept up with the autopilot, running lights and GPS!

I’m leaving Cape May NJ at sunrise tomorrow at high tide. Next stop New York I hope. Then a couple of days up the Hudson River and I will be home! So close!

Now it’s time for sleep. Ta ta for now.

US Flag Rant 

If one pledges their allegiance to a flag, it should fly above the others, right?

It pains me how badly we have lost our way.

So everything was fine for 2 days and three nights. Then with only 40 miles remaining the wind went from dead calm to 25kts right on the nose. Seas built to 6ft.

The diesel fuel pickup tube kept clogging from some debris in the tank, causing the motor to die. The tiller pilot ripped its mount out of the deck. Shipping lanes, What a mess!

I made the Cape May inlet in the dark, the diesel died in the jetties. I managed to bleed the fuel system and restart in 1 minute. I got so damn lucky.

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Last night was one of the toughest nights I have had in my .
I’m in Cape May New Jersey, having put to sea from Beaufort North Carolina Monday afternoon. I still have my lucky hat!
I’m going to drink this beer and then I’ll elaborate. If I don’t come back that just means I had more beers. I can barely walk straight now and I’m sober.

I’m out of Beaufort North Carolina tomorrow heading for Norfolk, Hampton, Cape May or perhaps all the way to NYC.

The weather is a little rough, I’m a little scared, and the town is great, but it is starting to feel like the here.

I look to John Augustus Shedd-
“A ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not what ships were built for.”

Time to .

I wanted to send email with my hf radio and old linux laptop while

I used pat, ardop and rigctld from hamlib.

Not working. Is it ttyUSB0? Huh. Battery stopped charging. Jiggle connector.

Is ALSA fighting me? Is systemd starting stuff right? Stopped charging. Jiggle.

Is it a 32bit support thing? Jiggle jiggle

SMOKE!!! The power brick is melting! Throw it in the sink.

Hmmm. So now there’s a hardware problem

Beaufort NC is a nice safe place to hide from Tropical Storm Colin. The biggest danger to me now is all the good beer within walking distance 🦧

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