This is something that raises my hackles daily. Just don't do it!

@mike I have a rule - if you ping me on IM and just say “Hi” you’re not getting a reply. Ask the bloody question!


@kev Brilliant! That's *exactly* what I scream (in my mind) when someone just type "hello"!!!

Best situation is close to the end of the working day and I'm away from my desk, I come back after some time (it can be one hour or so), I see "hello", I write "hello" and then I go home. :)

I think I'll put as my status.

Thanks for sharing! :)

@gianf @mike I’ve had people ping me saying “hey” first thing in the morning. I haven’t replied (obviously) and they still haven’t asked the question by the time I leave for the day.


@gianf @mike

That's because they think you don't want to or cannot talk to them. A "Hi" as a reply shows people that you are available and it is convenient to chat right now.

That's because messaging is regarded more synchronous compared to email. Sometimes, people want a reply right now, otherwise they would send an email. So if you don't reply to Hi, they think that they won't get a reply in the near future and want to ask someone else or you via email.

@Winterstar I usually don’t have time. However, I will usually set my status within Skype appropriately, so if I really can’t be disturbed, I’ll put my status to DND. If I’m available on Skype, then I’m available for a discussion. I just don’t like small talk, never have.

@gianf @mike

Yup, same here. I usually don't reply.

But then I have *that thought* all the time. AHAH!!

Until sometimes I "explode" and reply with "Hi, did you just want to say hi or is there something you wanted to ask? In the latter case, please do NOT wait for a reply and ask".

As Kev, my status is always updated so if it's "Available" means I'm available. :)

Messaging is *mainly* sync, but there is no need of handshake (hi).


(to be continued)

@kev @Winterstar @mike

Plus, if you write hi and wait for hours it demonstrates it's not urgent, to me.

Sometimes when I reply "hi" I get nothing back for long time (many minutes)!!!
What am I supposed to do? Looking at the screen the whole time waiting for the *** question? :D

Emails, specially when well written, clear, precise are so, so, so underrated! One of such mails is worth 100 meetings/phone calls, chats.

(to be continued)

@gianf I work for a global company, mostly the US and Singapore. However, I find only a handful of people do it. Mostly in the UK/US to be honest. Most of the Asians just go ahead and ask, which I love.

My mantra is always, if it’s important, pick up the phone.

@Winterstar @mike

Funny. My experience is the opposite. Mostly, Asians do this.
But fortunately these cases are few.

@Winterstar @mike

@kev @Winterstar @mike

Question: do you see this behaviour more often (or exclusively) from colleagues of a different culture than yours?

In my case (multinational company, working with people located in almost all time zones and coming from different cultures) it seems it is.

I love to work with so many different people, it's so enriching!

I'd be sad working in a more etherogeneous environment (eg: all from same country or all white/black, etc. or all/main men/women, etc.).

to be cont'd

@kev @Winterstar @mike
Of course there are drawbacks, too, but in the end I'd not go back. :)

Whew! That was long! :D

Have a nice Sunday! :)

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