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Man, I am way too slow with sharing my videos. Get into + now before the others do it! xD

If you are what you eat, then the only way to be a vegan is to eat one.

Yea, youtube fixed their timestamp/chapter feature. I spent quite some time wondering what I did wrong, but it was google who was wrong :blobcatsmug:

See it for yourself and learn about and :D

Integrating a fulltext search engine like solr/elasticsearch into a static blog would be a fun project. :blobcatthinkingglare:

Checkout Part 5 for writing a client in an app.

Added timestamps/chapters to all tutorial videos!

Thought 2 days about the next tutorial video, and in the end it turned out to be just 4:15 mins. πŸ˜‚

Check part 3 about fulltext search with and

@jrballesteros05 I just checked your post on pipewire. How do you like it? Lately I have to fight pulseaudio to stop messing with my mic settings. Battle that is not decided, but I would like to avoid completely. :D

You can (sort of) verify your identity on Mastodon if you own a website.

1. Go to Edit Profile > Appearance > Profile Metadata, add your website address (including https://) to the metadata section.

2. Copy the verification code into your website's code. (The verification code is next to the Metadata section)

3. Click "Save Changes" after you have done all of the above.

Your website will then be listed on your profile with a green background and a tick next to it, proving you are the owner.

@surendrajat wow, and you got a Thinkpad! Now I'm jealous haha :D

Also great thread to reference this timeless XKCD comic!

This image explains the messenger situation very well, thanks to @fsfi for making it.

I just want to add the fact that telegram is the only messenger listed here that doesn't even have proper end to end encryption, this is a big red flag. I wish they mentioned it there, other than that its very good.

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