Consider improving the original docu instead/in addition to 'just' blogging about it.

Created 3 pull requests for Apache Pulsar in since yesterday, 2 about docu.

IntelliJ Live Templates are a fun feature. Now that I used groovy script in it, I expect it to get out of control pretty fast. :crazy:

Something else Plasma 5.22-related that has just been released: The Official Video. Check it out:

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Man, I am way too slow with sharing my videos. Get into + now before the others do it! xD

If you are what you eat, then the only way to be a vegan is to eat one.

@scylla google should add some artificial delay if there are 0 results. Just to emphasize that the engine really tried :D

Yea, youtube fixed their timestamp/chapter feature. I spent quite some time wondering what I did wrong, but it was google who was wrong :blobcatsmug:

See it for yourself and learn about and :D

@The_Quantum_Alpha What if I additionally skimmed a loosely related wikipedia article? That should do it, right? :D

@lyndon it will be overkill to unleash a full elastic on my tiny blog, but that is okay. However, I am thinking about how to get the data in and search results out with a minimum of moving parts.

@jle good to know. From a quick google round, that is like a plugin, right?

Integrating a fulltext search engine like solr/elasticsearch into a static blog would be a fun project. :blobcatthinkingglare:

@binyamin like every good satire, I will completly ignore it and take it at face value. :D

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