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exactly my thoughts. especially for messaging I would go for "never (or almost) loses a message".

you can use a csv file as a database. but you probably dont want to :)

Okay, ich hab sie. 👍 Die ultimative Streetartwand für Mastodon. /
Okay, I got it. 👍The ultimate Streetart wall for Mastodon. 💪
Artist: #rame13 in - City: #Viterbo Italy 🇮🇹 - Title: "El Mammut" 😁 - #streetart #mastoart #art #mural #urbanart #mastodon #mammut

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I first read it as Koning der Dirnen, which would change its meaning by quite a lot. 🤣

accepted 2 of my pull requests within the last 4 days and I am really happy about it. Will be a nice addition when 2.11 comes out and I make another video. :)


I always thought you have to dig a hole to reach 900m anywhere in Austria. ^^


There are articles in aw (or disgust) of how fast the IT world is moving. And here we are barely able to get rid of a what - 10 year? - old programming language version. IPv6 was standardized 1998 and is mostly pushed by running out of v4 addresses. Wayland is slowly becoming the default, but X11 will stick around just like py2 for probably another decade.

really cold take 


I disagree.

you know what you have to do now 😂


I fiddle a lot with docker lately.

Feel free to share some refinement stories :ablobcatreach:

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