Do you remember when for a brief moment in like 2006, everyone wanted to have their desktop look like a cartoon, and the only icon set that mattered was Buuf?

I still wish people would experiment like this and go out of the box.

@ghil I remember I ran compiz as a stand alone window manager for a while around 2008, it was full of eyecandy, and I kind of enjoyed it a lot :p but yeah, it was rather tacky with the desktop cube and windows getting burned up, glorious :D

It was amazing. We felt Windows was archaic because or windows could wobble and roll up when we closed them.
I still remember the efforts some of us went through to get video players to play on the corner of the cube, which was a feature that served absolutely no purpose whatsoever.
But damn it was cool and the future.

@ghil If I remember correctly I used to have a gif running on the cube background to make it look like the old windows "going through space" screensaver, my cube was running through space, it was the coolest thing ever :D

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